Press Releases

iWave Systems launches i.MX 8M Plus OSM Module: A Solderable System-On-Module

December 30, 2021

Building on the new industry standard “Open Standard Module (OSM)” defined by SGeT, iWave Systems launches iW-RainboW-G40M: The solderable i.MX 8M Plus OSM LGA Module. iW-RainboW-G40M integrates the powerful i.MX… Read More »

iWave Systems announces the new i.MX 8X Lite powered V2X Connectivity Hub and Telematics Gateway

November 18, 2021

Building on NXP’s recent launch of the i.MX 8XLite as the next frontier of creating a safer and more interconnected world of transportation, iWave has built a hybrid V2X Connectivity… Read More »

High performance intelligent computing modules

May 5, 2021

iWave Systems and Wind River Partner to integrate the VxWorks Studio on XILINX Zynq MPSoC and NXP i.MX System on Modules Bangalore, India 21st April 2021 — Through a collaboration… Read More »

Latest News

The OSM Standard for System on Modules – Explained

January 17, 2022

  System on Module – Standards Various system on module standards such as SMARC and Qseven have been adopted by product designers, solution architects and system engineers. SGeT (Standardization Group… Read More »

Cat M1 vs Cat 1 vs Cat 4: Connectivity for Telematics

January 11, 2022

Through increased adoption of data driven telematics use cases in vehicles, there has been a rising need for telematics edge hardware across a range of vehicles.Telematics and connected vehicle solutions… Read More »

Telematics Opportunities & the potential in India

January 6, 2022

With a population of 1.38 billion, India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. The vehicle telematics market in India is an emerging industry and is poised… Read More »

SATA 3.0 Host Controller IP

December 28, 2021

Serial ATA (SATA) is computer bus standard that have the primary function of transferring data between Host and mass storage devices such as HDD and SSD. Serial ATA’s replaced the… Read More »

Telematics for Electric Vehicles

December 8, 2021

Since 2019, The EV Market has taken great strides and is set to transform the automotive industry. Automotive OEMs have increased spend on R&D on electric models and sustainable technology.… Read More »

How V2X technology can transform your driving experience

December 7, 2021

The automotive industry has gone through a series of transformation, ranging from telematics to connected mobility to autonomous driving. Traditional vehicles are now becoming smart vehicles through advanced hardware fit… Read More »

iWave Systems at Embedded World 2022

November 12, 2021

Finally, embeddedworld2022 is live again! iWave Systems welcomes you to join us at embeddedworld2022 from 15th – 17th March at Nuremberg. Come along and visit our booth, explore our resources,… Read More »

Break through the lead time challenges by migrating your Spartan-6 based design to the Spartan-7, Artix-7, Zynq & Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC families

November 9, 2021

Join us for a live session on 24th November at 7 PM IST where our panel of experts will help you with the migration and porting resources available. Register Now… Read More »

Protocol stacks to speed-up industrial and automotive product development

October 14, 2021

CAN is a robust network technology that finds use in many applications. With the boom in Industry 4.0 and connected mobility applications, there is an increase in the requirement for… Read More »

Product Updates

New Release: Android 11 BSP for i.MX8 SMARC modules

January 13, 2022

iWave Systems is pleased to inform about the new Android 11 BSP availability for its i.MX8 SMARC System on modules and SBC. Products: i.MX 8 SMARC SOM , i.MX 8… Read More »

New Release: Linux5.10.52 BSP for i.MX8 SMARC modules

January 13, 2022

iWave Systems is pleased to inform about the new Linux5.10.52 BSP for its i.MX8 SMARC System on modules and SBC. Products: i.MX 8 SMARC SOM , i.MX 8 SBC Release:… Read More »


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