Enclosure Design Services

iWave team can design custom enclosures with necessary mounting for PCBs, connectors, displays or any other electro-mechanical component that needs accessibility for proper operation of the device. Based on device’s functionality our team can design suitable enclosure with proper selection of material and finish. The skilled mechanical team at iWave works very closely with the clients and provides different solutions/enclosures as per the customer requirements. iWave looks into the environmental aspects, durability, emi/emc requirement and aesthetics of the product while designing the enclosure. iWave has experience in providing solutions to meet different industry standards like JSS 55555, MIL-STD-461,810..etc.,

IP Rated Rugged Enclosure Design with Thermal Management

Thermal Solution IP Rated Rugged Enclosure
  • Designing an enclosure to ensure heat is dissipated efficiently away from electronics to the surroundings is important to keep components within suitable temperatures to ensure product performance and reliability.
  • Designing an IP rated enclosure for electronics with proper thermal dissipation capabilities is quite difficult task.
  • Our mechanical team have good experience in designing IP rated rugged enclosure with proper thermal dissipation and specific to customer requirements. Starting from sheet metal based, machined, hand held plastic enclosures, IP rated enclosures, 19” rack enclosure.

Sheet Metal Enclosure

A sheet metal enclosure has several associated benefits, including low cost, electrical conductivity, and resistance against harsh industrial environments. There are some sets of guidelines associated with sheet metal enclosure design. Our experienced design team has good understanding of these guidelines will make the job easier and help ensure quality outcomes.

Machined Rugged Enclosure – IP Rated

Machined Rugged Enclosure – IP Rated

Machined rugged enclosure provide high level of protection. iWave design team design the enclosure based on Thermal analysis for worst case operating conditions, Structural analysis for worst case vibration or shock events, EMI and Ingress Rating analysis. Our team will consult with the customer throughout the design process. We also suggest the best IP rating in terms of the application of the product which can even ultimately bring down the price of the product in volume production.

Plastic Enclosure -IP Rated

iWave have experience in plastic enclosure design of various electronic components. Our plastic enclosure designs are done considering mould feasibility in the design stage itself, which reduces production time and cost. We give product shape and structure based on the application of the product. We can also modify the existing enclosure as per customers specifications.

IP Rated Rugged Telematic Enclosure

PCIe Bracket

PCIe Bracket and Enclosure

PCIe bracket allows us to securely mount the graphics card or any PCI Express card vertically inside the case. iWave team has the capability to design single, double and triple slot custom PCIe brackets as per the requirement.

Rack mount Chassis

Our experienced design team can design 1U, 2U chassis to accommodate circuit boards and other components with best possible layout. We also offer chassis along with thermal solution with Fanless and Active cooled chassis for NUC boards.


Enclosure for i.MX 8M Plus Pico ITX SBC
IP Rated Rugged Telematic Enclosure
Injection Molded Plastic Telematics Enclosure

 i.MX 8 SMARC Dev Kit Sheet Metal Enclosure

i.MX 8M Plus Sheet Metal Enclosure

IP Rated Plastic Enclosure

Injection Molded Plastic Enclosure


Edge AI Rugged Machined Enclosure
Telematics Gateway Rugged Machined Enclosure

 NUC Rugged Machined Enclosure

i.MX 8M Mini/Nano Rugged Machined Enclosure

Corazon-AI Rugged Machined Enclosure

Telematics Gateway Rugged Machined Enclosure

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