Mechanical Products

iWave offers a comprehensive range of Commercial Off-The-Shelf products based on open standards. These products are used in embedded applications needing long life cycles. We have two in-house 3D printers based on FDM and SLA technology. These 3D printers reduce our turnaround time for all the prototyping and testing works.
iWave mechanical team provides appropriate product-specific solutions on enclosure needs, thermal solution needs, test sockets, test jigs, VPX, and VME solutions.

OSM Test Socket

iWave supports the design of test sockets for OSM SOMs from prototype to production.

OSM Socket Specifications

NUC Chassis

iWave can support the design and production of fanned and Fanless chassis for NUC boards and other form factors based on your requirements. For customized connector cut-outs provide your CAD drawings with proper details, such as size, position, type, etc., 

NUC Chassis Specifications

PCIe Bracket

PCIe bracket allows us to securely mount the graphics card or any PCI Express card vertically inside the case. iWave team can design single, double, and triple slot custom PCIe brackets as per the requirement.

PCIe Bracket Specifications

Generic Heatspreader/Heatsink/Fansink

iWave offers a broad array of thermal solutions for different devices assembled with various components. Customization is done based on the requirement for the heat spreader, heatsink, and Fansinks.

Generic Heatspreader-Heatsink-Fansink

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