The UDP/IP Hardware protocol stack offloads UDP encapsulation task from the host processor enabling media streaming with speed up to 40G even in a processor less non-SoC designs, making it ideal for any standalone operation. This IP core provides an effective infrastructure to implement high-speed communication between the FPGA and other network devices. It supports easy to use AXI streams on the FPGA to connect to the network devices.


  • Easy integration with 1G, 10G, and 40G Ethernet MAC
  • Configurable number of UDP Transmit & Receive channels from 1 to 32
  • IPV4 support without packet fragmentation
  • Supports GMII/RGMII/SGMII/XGMII/XLGRMII interfaces
  • Echo-Request & Reply messages (“ping”) of the Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) used to test network connectivity
  • Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) for proper functioning over the internet
  • UDP & IP checksum generation and validation support
  • 32bit, 64bit, and 128bit AXI stream interface for transmission & reception of user data and 32bit AXI4-Lite interface for handling control and status registers
  • Configurable buffer sizes for easy SoC integration
  • Supports optional Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) client


  • Bring full UDP/IP connectivity to FPGAs even if no CPU is available
  • Offload UDP/IP processing into programmable logic
  • Enable media streaming with speed up to 40G
  • Offers a configurable number of UDP transmit and receive channels.


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