ARINC 818 Analyser

ARINC 818 Analyser

iWave’s ARINC 818 Video Protocol Analyzer (VPA) instantly verifies the ADVB Packets against ARINC818 Standards. ARINC818 VPA software efficiently captures, decodes the ADVB data, and displays the ADVB data, raw video data, and error status. It is an excellent troubleshooting tool that helps to quickly detect and rectify errors in the ARINC 818-2 applications, simultaneously ensuring compliance of the system with the ARINC 818-2 standards.


    • Compliant with ARINC 818 Standard
    • Capture ADVB frame data of 2MB
    • Supports FC 1x, FC 2x, FC 3x and FC 4x link rates
    • Transmission Medium: Optical Fiber or 75-Ohm/100-Ohm/150-Ohm Copper Medium
    • Supports any video resolution up to Full HD @ 60Hz in a progressive format
    • FPGA based board used to receive and transmit the ADVB via SFP module
    • Incoming ADVB frames are tapped and captured by FPGA Logic for analysis
    • Captured ADVB frames transmitted to Host PC via PCIe port (x4 Gen2) for further analysis
  • ARINC 818 VPA Card

    • x1 HDMI Video Input up to Full HD @60fps
    • x1 HDMI Video Output up to Full HD @60fps
    • 1x SFP Connector for ARINC 818 Optical or 75-Ohm Copper Input
    • 1x Quadrax Connector for ARINC818 100-Ohm/150-Ohm Copper Input
    • Linux Host:
      • Dell OptiPlex 3050MT or equivalent
      • RAM: 4GB
      • HDD: 1TB
      • OS: 64-Bit Linux Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
    • Commercial Grade Operation
  • GUI Application Features

    • GUI Application running on Host PC to read the captured ADVB samples, decode & display
      • Trigger Modes: Immediate, Trigger On-Error & Order Set (IDLE, SOFi, SOFn, EOFn, EOFt)
      • Frame and Line information: Resolution (W x H), Refresh Rate and Color Format
      • Captured ADVB RAW data will be displayed FC frame by FC frame. Each FC frame will be having the parameters like Word Offset, Time Stamp, B0 (MSB) to B3 (LSB) bytes, Data Field and Status
      • Frame Container details like FC Frame Header, Container Header & Object 0 Ancillary Data
      • Container Statistics: Container Size in bytes, Total FC Frames, FC Frame 0 Size in bytes, FC Frame 1 – N size in bytes, SOFi Count, SOFn Count, EOFn Count, EOFt Count
      • Analyzing different error status: CRC, Payload, Sync Loss, Frame Loss Error for the individual captured FC frames
      • Link Status:
        • Order Set Detect Status: IDLE, SOFi, SOFn, EOFn, EOFt
        • Error Status: CRC Error, Disparity error, Out of Sync error, Payload error
        • Optical Link Status
      • ADVB Video Data Capture:
        • Capture the incoming one video frame and display the captured image on GUI
        • Capture Image can be saved on the Local Folder
      • ARINC818 TX:
        • Loopback ADVB data from ARINC 818 RX to ARINC 818 TX
        • Internal Test Patterns to ARINC 818 TX
      • Saving and Loading captured ADVB RAW data samples:
        • Captured Raw Data can be saved to a binary file (.iwacap)
        • Captured samples can be loaded from a previously-saved file for further offline analysis


  • iWave’s ARINC Video Protocol Analyzer verifies the ADVB Packets against ARINC 818 Standard
  • GUI application running on Linux PC will display the captured sample data for deep analysis
  • Supports FC 1x, FC 2x, FC 3x and FC 4x rates
  • Enables to store the captured data in a file for offline ADVB frame analysis


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