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Explore an extensive portfolio of System on Modules powered by various MPUs from NXP, TI, Renesas and ST, and available in OSM, SMARC, Qseven and SODIMM standards.

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Discover FPGA and Soc FPGA powered System on Modules, Single Board Computers, PCIe and FMC Cards which are built to empower your product development and innovation.


Telematics Control Unit, Telematics Gateways, V2X Solutions and protocol stacks enabling digitization in the automotive environment and unlocking connected vehicle data.

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Scalable and custom HMI Solutions built in varying sizes of 7”, 10.1”, 12.1”, 17.1” and feature rich with wired and wireless interfaces, rugged enclosures and powerful processors.

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An extensive portfolio of Industrial IoT Gateways, Edge AI Gateways and LoRaWAN Gateways which are built on a modular architecture to suit a variety of applications.

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A suite of powerful ARINC IP Cores : ARINC 818-2 and ARINC 664, complemented by ARINC Solutions such as recorders , monitors , protocol converters and video analyzers.

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    02 Nov 2023

    i.MX 93 System on Module Paving the way for Advanced EV Charging Systems

    The Electric Revolution The shift towards electric mobility has brought about a significant transformation in the automotive industry. Charging electric vehicles (EVs) requires more than a simple power socket in

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    31 Oct 2023

    Redefining Radio Telescope Digital Backend Receivers with RFSoC Technology

    There is a new era of multi-frequency astronomy, in which equipment for observing different types of radio waves is used together to reveal more than they could do individually. In

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    05 Oct 2023

    NAND Flash Controller: A Flash Drive Interface

    A NAND Flash Controller IP implements the necessary logic required to interface user data with a NAND Flash memory device. The NAND Flash Controller IP Core performs operations such as

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