Thermal Solutions

Power requirement for electronic devices have risen steadily in recent years, with the rate increase sloping upwards, and that has necessitated enhanced thermal management solutions to preserve performance and maintain the mean time between failures of these devices.
Therefore, the temperature of the devices must be calculated not to exceed the maximum value. To design a good thermal management solution, the junction temperature should always be kept at the lowest operating temperature. There are several techniques for cooling including various styles of heatspreaders, heatsinks, heatpipes, forced air systems, fans and liquid cooling system.
Our engineers have been working on thermal solutions for many years, we have the capability and tools to provide thermal analysis of components and systems.

Thermal Solutions Design Based on Thermal Analysis

  • iWave offers a broad array of thermal solutions for different devices that are packaged in a variety of components.
  • iWave services encompass both experimental and computational simulations using proprietary tools and thermal chamber.
  • Our Mechanical Engineering team has vast experience in providing thermal solutions, our services include Heatspreader, Heatsink, Fansink, Heatpipe, and Liquid Cooling Solutions.


Heatspreader is a most important component which dissipate the heat dissipation from the chip into the environment. Thermal resistance is the major one that disturb the conductivity. Our team undergo several studies to carry out the spreading resistance.


Qseven Heatsink

Heatsink is a component used to prevent electrical components from overheating. Therefore the device will be able to work at the specified temperature. The effective heat dissipation is largely dependent on its design. As a passive heat exchanger, a heat sink design should allow easy heat transfer to its environment. iWave design team has good understanding with the thermal calculations to avoid the thermal resistance.


iWave have experience in active cooling solution that rely on an external device to enhance heat transfer. With the help of simulation tool our designers can predict the airflow,temperature distribution and heat transfer rate of systems which helps to design a perfect cooling solution.

VPX & VME Thermal Solutions

iWave provide thermal solution for openVPX computing. Our skilled mechanical designers evaluate the behaviour of the design under adverse temperatures and thermal load conditions, checking for hotspots and seeking areas for improvement.

Material & Attachment Method

Effectiveness of thermal management will improve by choosing an appropriate attachment method. Attachment method is finalized by the device thermal and mechanical requirement. Common attachment methods are Thermal Tapes, Push Pins, Screws, Plastic Clips and Spring Loaded Screws.


SMARC Thermal Solution

Qseven Thermal Solution

COM-Express Thermal Solution

3U VPX Thermal Solution

Generic Heatspreader and Heatsink

Intel Stratix 10 SoC FPGA Fansink

i.MX 8M Plus Pico ITX SBC Heatsink

3U VPX Heatspreader

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