ARINC818 to DVI Protocol Converter

ARINC818 to DVI Protocol Converter

iWave’s Cyclone V based 6U cPCI Card is a rugged standalone module complaint with 6U size CPCI PICMG 2.0 Rev 3.0 backplane, aimed for the high-speed data, video processing, and display applications.ARINC818 Embedded card can be configured as ARINC818 to DVI conversion, DVI to ARINC818 Conversion, ARINC818 Mux and as ARINC818 Duplicator either on front panel or via cPCI back panel.


  • Specifications

    • FPGA: Cyclone V GT
    • IP Parameter can be configurable as per the customer provided Interface Control Document (ICD)
    • Transmission Medium: Either Optical or Copper
    • Video Input/Output: Either can be through backplane or on-board DVI & SFP Connectors
    • Supports both progressive & interlaced video up to Full HD @ 60fps
    • Cooling Method: Conduction-Cooled
    • Operating Temperature : -40 °C to +85 °C
    • Storage Temperature : -55 °C to +105 °C






  • Front Panel

    • 1 x DVI Transmitter*
    • 1 x DVI Receiver
    • 1 x ARINC 818 Transmitter via Copper
    • 1 x ARINC 818 Receiver via Copper
    • 1 x SFP
    • 1 x Debug UART
  • Back Panel

    • 1 x DVI Transmitter*
    • 2 x DVI Receiver
    • 2 x ARINC 818 Transmitter via copper/optical
    • 1 x ARINC 818 Receiver via copper/optical

    *Note : Only 1 DVI transitter can be supported and by default front panel DVI transmitter will be configured


  • Uses Cyclone 5 GT Intel FPGA device
  • Supported Configurations :
    • ARINC818 to DVi Conversion
    • DVI to ARINC818 Conversion
    • 2x ARINC818 Duplicator
    • 2x ARINC818 Mux
  • ARINC818 video over fiber or copper support
  • DVI and ARINC818 can be configured over front panel or via backplane depending on the requirement.
  • 6U form factor cPCI MIL Grade board
  • Power consumption <3W

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