ARINC 818 Monitor

ARINC 818 Monitor

ARINC818 Monitor is powered by High-Performance FPGA to accept various ARINC818 line rates up to FC 4x link rate and display the converted video data on the monitor of various ICD Specification with very low latency.




  • Hardware Spec

    • 1x SFP connector for ARINC818 Optical & 75-ohm Copper Input
    • 1x Quadrax connector for ARINC818 100-ohm/150-ohm Copper Input
    • Operating temperature: Commercial
  • ARINC818 Monitor Spec

    • Screen Size: Default 15.6” Display. We can also support other sizes as per requirement
    • Support both Optical & 75-ohm/ 100-ohm/ 150-ohm Copper Transmission Medium
    • Line Rate: FC 1x, 2x, 3x, & 4x
    • Supports any sort of Progressive Video Streams up to Full HD @60fps


  • Support both Optical & Copper Transmission Medium
  • Quick ARINC818 ICD customization as per customer requirement

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