SATA Host Controller

SATA Host Controller

The SATA Host Core is available for integration into host FPGA designs to provide an industry-compliant SATA 1.5-Gbps, SATA 3.0-Gbps, and SATA 6.0-Gbps interface. Serial ATA (SATA) are computer bus standards that have the primary function of transferring data (directly or otherwise) between the FPGA and mass storage devices such as a hard disk. SATA host controller along with AHCI controller enables the software to communicate with the SATA drives which are best suited for SOC devices.


Xilinx Evaluation Kit

Mircochip Evaluation Kit


    • Phy layer consists of Transceiver available in the FPGA which convert the parallel data to serial
    • Phy layer supports clock recovery from serial data, 8B/10B encoding and decoding, Byte ordering and word alignment and OOB signalling
    • Link layer supports the frame transmission and reception
    • Link layer supports frame formation by adding the envelope and frame decomposition by removing envelope from received data
    • Link layer supports CRC generation and calculation as well as scrambling and descrambling
    • Link layer supports host and device flow control
    • Link layer supports primitives such as ALIGN, DMAT, EOF, HOLD, HOLDA, R_ERR, R_IP, R_OK, R_RDY, SOF, SYNC, WTRM, X_RDY
    • Transport layer supports 32 bit AXI stream interface for Tx and RX towards user interface
    • Transport layer supports formatting of the FISes and control information based on FIS type
    • Transport layer reports frame transmission and reception as well as error status
    • Transport layer supports FISes such as Register FIS, DMA Activate FIS, DMA Setup FIS, Data FIS, PIO Setup FIS, Set Device Bits FIS


  • AHCI controller along with SATA host controller best suits for SOC devices and SATA controller without AHCI layer can be used with Non-SOC FPGA devices
  • Controller provides simple AXI streaming TX and RX interface for the communication with the Application layer.
  • Supports Native Command Queuing and most of the primitives and FIS types defined in SATA specification.


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