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SATA Host Controller

SATA Host Controller

The SATA Host Core is available for integration into host FPGA designs to provide an industry-compliant SATA 1.5-Gbps, SATA 3.0-Gbps, and SATA 6.0-Gbps interface. Serial ATA (SATA) are computer bus standards that have the primary function of transferring data (directly or otherwise) between the FPGA and mass storage devices such as a hard disk. SATA host controller along with AHCI controller enables the software to communicate with the SATA drives which are best suited for SOC devices.


  • Phy layer consists of Transceiver available in the FPGA which convert the parallel data to serial
  • Phy layer supports clock recovery from serial data, 8B/10B encoding and decoding, Byte ordering and word alignment and OOB signalling
  • Link layer supports the frame transmission and reception
  • Link layer supports frame formation by adding the envelope and frame decomposition by removing envelope from received data
  • Link layer supports CRC generation and calculation as well as scrambling and descrambling
  • Link layer supports host and device flow control
  • Link layer supports primitives such as ALIGN, DMAT, EOF, HOLD, HOLDA, R_ERR, R_IP, R_OK, R_RDY, SOF, SYNC, WTRM, X_RDY

  • Transport layer supports 32 bit AXI stream interface for Tx and RX towards user interface

  • Transport layer supports formatting of the FISes and control information based on FIS type

  • Transport layer reports frame transmission and reception as well as error status

  • Transport layer supports FISes such as Register FIS, DMA Activate FIS, DMA Setup FIS, Data FIS, PIO Setup FIS, Set Device Bits FIS


  • AHCI controller along with SATA host controller best suits for SOC devices and SATA controller without AHCI layer can be used with Non-SOC FPGA devices
  • Controller provides simple AXI streaming TX and RX interface for the communication with the Application layer.
  • Supports Native Command Queuing and most of the primitives and FIS types defined in SATA specification.


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