80188EB Processor

80188EB Processor

The 80188EB is a powerful 16-bit microprocessor core, executes instruction list compatible with 80188EB microprocessor. The 80188EB core has a broad set of integrated peripherals, which helps reduce system development time and cost and is compatible with wide range of compilers and debuggers. The design along with multiple peripherals can be fit into single FPGA.


Xilinx Evaluation Kit

Intel Evaluation Kit

Mircochip Evaluation Kit


    • Multiplexed 20-bit address and 8-bit data bus
    • 1M-byte memory space divided into 4 segments
    • 64K-byte IO space
    • Non Maskable Interrupt support
    • Arithmetic-Logic Unit
    • 8,16,32-bit arithmetic operations
    • 8,16-bit logical operations
    • Boolean manipulations
    • 16 x 16 bit multiplication (signed or unsigned)
    • 32/16-bit division (signed or unsigned)
    • CPU On-Chip Peripherals
    • Programmable Timer / Counter Unit
    • Three programmable independent 16-bit timers
    • TOUT0 to TOUT1 pin outputs
    • TIN0 & TIN1 used either as clock or control signals
    • Timer-2 can be used to clock other two timers
    • Internal / external input clock selectable
    • Serial Communications Unit
    • RS-232-C protocol support (on-chip CTS_N, SINT_N pins)
    • Both synchronous and asynchronous modes are supported
    • Two independent identical channels
    • Full duplex operation in asynchronous mode


  • Quick migration of 80188EB based designs to an FPGA platform
  • Replacement for 80188EB processor and ASICs

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