Arria10 SoC FPGA SOM

Arria10 SoC FPGA SOM


  • Intel’s Arria10 SoC & FPGA compatibility SX270, SX320, SX480, SX570, SX660 GX270, GX320, GX480, GX570, GX660, GX900, GX1150
  • 32bit, 4GBHPS DDR4 with ECC &64bit, 8GBFPGA DDR4
  • Two 240pin High Speed Connectors with210User IOs
  • 24 Channels High Speed Transceivers upto 17.4Gbps
  • Industrial grade availability
  • 10+ Years Longevity



On Module Feature:

  • Compatible Arria10 SoC Family – SX270, SX320, SX480, SX570, SX660
    • Dual Core ARM Cortex A9 @ upto 1.5 GHz/Core Hard Processor System
    • Up to 660K Logic elements
    • High Speed Transceivers x 24 @ 17.4 Gbps
  • Compatible Arria10 FPGA Family – GX270, GX320, GX480, GX570, GX660, GX900, GX1150
    • Up to 1150K Logic elements
    • High Speed Transceivers x 24 @ 17.4 Gbps
  • 32bit, 2GB DDR4 RAM with ECC for HPS(Upgradable upto 4GB)
  • 64bit,4GB DDR4 RAM for FPGA(Upgradable upto 8GB)
  • 8GB eMMC Flash(Upgradable)
  • RGMII Ethernet PHYTransceiver
  • 0 ULPI Transceiver

Two 240pin High Speed Board to Board Connectors Interfaces

From HPS Block

Gigabit Ethernet x 1 (through On-SOM Gigabit Ethernet PHY)
USB2.0 OTG x 1 (through On-SOM USB2.0 transceiver)
SPI x 1
Debug UART x 1
I2C x 1
GPIOs x 14

From FPGA Block

FPGA High Speed Transceivers (upto17.4Gbps) x 24


  • 91 LVDS IOs/189 Single ended (SE)
  • 7 General Purpose Clock Input LVDS Pair/Single Ended
  • 8 General Purpose Clock Output LVDS Pair/Single Ended

General Features:

Power Input

5V through B2B Connector

Operating Temperature

-40°C to +85°C

Form Factor

75mm x 95mm

Environment Specification

RoHS &REACH Compliant




For any highly integrated System On Modules, thermal design is very important factor. iWave Supports Heat Sink and Fan Sink Solution for Arria10 SoC FPGA SOM.


  • 10G Ethernet through SFP+ Connector
  • PCIe Gen3 x 1 Connector
  • Dual FMC High Pin Count (HPC) Connector
  • Gigabit Ethernet through RJ45MagJack
  • USB2.0 OTG through MicroAB Connector
  • Dual PMOD Connector
  • 20 Pin Header (for PS IOs)
  • Debug UART through USB MicroAB Connector
  • RTC Coin Cell Holder
  • Operating Temperature: -20°C to +85°C
  • Form Factor: 130mm x 140mm

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