Engineering Services



  • Embedded Design
  • Acceptance Testing & Validation
  • Enclosure Design
  • Product Certification
  • Production Ecosystem
  • Product Sustenance Support



  • Embedded HW Design
  • FPGA Board Design
  • Design Review & Analysis
  • PCB Layout
  • Quick Board Bring up
  • Design Validation & Qualification


  • BSP Customization
  • Wireless Technologies
  • Embedded Security
  • Software Optimization & Tuning
  • Over the Air Update
  • Audio & Video Integration

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“We greatly appreciate the timely manner in which iWave undertook projects from us and returned quality output. iWave have been very helpful in times of crisis. iWave’s dedication to perfection has been a great motivation to us. We are very much happy to use iWave’s modules, products, and services for our future requirements also.”

Manager IT, India

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