iWave Partners With Mender To Offer Over The Air Update (OTA) ODM Service


We are excited to announce our collaboration with Mender to facilitate over-the-air (OTA) software updates in connected Linux devices (IoT). The partnership allows iWave to provide our customers with a robust and secure over-the-air update solution, without causing any disturbance to the device’s existing codebase. This assures consistent performance of the devices as they are updated timely with new features and security upgrades that add value and differentiate the product from competitors. Mender manages all the security nuances required for the update process, allowing customers to focus on their core competency without having to worry about security concerns.

iWave has integrated Mender OTA client to our latest i.MX 8 based custom automotive platform with fine-graded customization. Along with Mender, iWave provided end-to-end over-the-air update solutions, including custom API calls, boot loader update, custom partition layout, add-on security, peripheral update support, and more. Taking into account the immense potential of over-the-air updates, iWave has planned to enable Mender OTA onto our OBD II solutionHMI , and other iWave platforms that supports the Yocto Project or other embedded Linux distributions. 

“With IoT applications evolving continuously, it is essential to adapt the devices with emerging security standards and necessary system and application updates. To enable advanced applications in customer products, collaboration with trusted partners like Mender was integral to our go-to-market strategy”, says Abdullah Khan, Director-Engineering, iWave Systems Technologies. iWave Systems and Mender partnership will facilitate efficiency in design cycles, cost, and time-to-market with OTA enabled design solutions. 

“Several projects have already been completed by iWave customers using Mender, and this partnership will further accelerate the adoption of OTA software updates”, says Farshad Tavakoli, Head of Technical Product Marketing 


iWave’s Linux OTA solution with Mender stand-out because of the following factors: 

  • OTA solution integrated into iWave’s Yocto BSP. Hence, future updates and robustness are guaranteed.
  • Mender is a permissive open-source licensed update manager – a perfect solution for the OEMs and industries.
  • iWave supports both ‘managed mode’ (server will automatically take care of the updates) and ‘standalone mode’ (any third party software can decide when to update the system with or without network) updates
  • Support for both application and system updates.
  • No need for temporary storage for the update on the device.
  • Full-fledged security features such as:
    • Integrity checksum
    • Secure TLS communication
    • Code signing
    • Signature verification using multiple algorithms
  • Extended features such as :
    • High Assurance booting (for i.MX platforms)
    • U-boot update
    • Custom peripheral update
    • APIs for integrating into 3rd party applications or servers
    • Custom update status based on the requirements.
    • Delta update (for updating only the changes from one image to another)
    • Custom partition layouts

Why iWave?

iWave Systems Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a leader globally in the development of standard & customized System on ModulesSingle Board Computers and ODM solutions for the embedded industry.

iWave has successfully implemented OTA update solution on our i.MX 8 series development platforms and have proven our expertise in the technology in several use cases, including telematics (automotive), medical, industrial, and IoT applications. Through specialized expertise and dedicated technical support, including OTA implementation, customization, server integration, etc., we assure customers with a secure and robust over the air (OTA) solution, already validated on iWave platforms. iWave can support both open-source or paid server from Mender. Customer can also choose their own server for Mender enabled platform from iWave.

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Learn more about Mender.ioFeaturesHow it works, and their Developer portal.

To get in touch with us for inquiries and further information, please write to mktg@iwavesystems.com or contact our Regional Partners.

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