UDS Protocol Stack

UDS Protocol Stack

iWave offers ISO 14229-1 UDS Application layer protocol stack that provides easy APIs for handling diagnostics services over the ISO 15765 CAN network. iWave UDS stack provides a robust and effective way to communicate with the vehicle ECUs and diagnose the errors through the CAN network. iWave designed the stack to be fully customizable, allowing users to specify feature sets and fine-tune the stack to meet end application requirements.

  • Diagnostics Service

  • Data Communication




    • Provides access to the diagnostics services offered by vehicle ECUs over CAN
    • Fault detection in Vehicle ECUs
    • Allows to perform diagnosis on the faulty ECUs
    • Diagnostic Trouble Codes collection and analysis
    • Setting vehicle-specific configuration
    • Access to the vehicle ECU for Input/output control access to vehicle-specific data
    • Collection of real-time vehicle engine data


  • Supports on various ARM processors
  • Robust API’s which are easy to integrate with the end customer applications
  • MISRA C compliant
  • Porting support for a newer version of the software
  • End to End solution offering

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