Security Suite

Security Suite

Security suite secures connected devices, enabling them with security functions such as encryption, storage, data transmission, and certificate management. The easy-to-integrate solution helps address the security challenges creating a safe and secure environment. iWave’s security suite provides end-to-end security and prevents the information/data in the system from being hacked. Security Suite includes secure boot, Wi-Fi secure API, event logging, OS hardening, access control, software firewall, and secure firmware update to name a few.

  • Automotive Security

  • Industrial IoT

  • Smart Home

  • Medical Devices

  • Video Surveillance

Architecture of Security Suite IP

Security Suite provides Easy to use API which helps developers to work on their End Applications. Developers don’t need to worry about enabling any Secure services since Security Suite APIs will take care of that. Security Suite has an Event report feature. Any Secure and Non Secure events will be recorded. Access to those events is done using Security Stack’s Event Logging APIs.



  • Crypto functions with optional wolfSSL libraries
  • File System Encryption/Decryption
  • Secure Storage of Data
  • Software Firewall to restrict unwanted access
  • Secure Boot and firmware update
  • Event report feature records any Secure and Non Secure events
  • Access to those events is done using Security Stack’s Event Logging APIs

Security Suite Development Kit:

iWave offers a Security Suite development kit, which is developed for different variants of NXP i.MX 8 and i.MX 6 high-performance applications processors. The development kit includes a software kit to help customers learn about and quickly implement Security Suite into their products.


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