PCIe to SD 3.0 M.2 Module

PCIe to SD 3.0 M.2 Module

The M.2 module is based on Artix-7 FPGA that provides bridging features between PCIe and SD3.0 units to validate different memory densities of micro-SD card. For host processor communication, the module is designed with 2-Lane PCIe Gen 2.0 interfaces. The module presents compact design, flexibility, and consumes low power. Since PCIe is backward compatible with the earlier version the user can integrate into existing systems with ease. The interface towards the SD card is realized by the SD protocol implemented in the FPGA.

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  • Compliant to SD3.0 Standard specification
  • Supports legacy version of SD specification
  • Two-lane PCIe Gen-2 Interface for communicating with the host PC
  • ARTIX-7 FPGA to implement PCIe to SD3.0 bridge functionality
  • Micro SD slot to support the different memory density SD card
  • 1x 10 pin GPIO Header to define functionality as per user requirement
  • Input Power to the device: 3.3V@2.5A maximum through standard M.2 Key-M connector
  • Form Factor: 22mm (W) x 80mm (L) Standard M.2 module
  • Keying: M.2 Key M
  • Operating Temperature: Industrial Grade (-40C to +85C)
  • Cooling: Conduction cooling using heat sink on the FPGA device


  • 2280 M.2 M Keyed module form factor
  • Complaint with SD3.0 standard specification
  • Supports 2-Lane PCIe Gen2 link


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