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ARINC 818 Switch IP Core

ARINC 818 Switch IP Core

ARINC 818-2 is a point-to-point, serial protocol, high bandwidth, low latency protocol for the transmission of uncompressed video, audio, and data during blanking period, widely used in AVIONICS application. Since a vast portion of the newer applications of the ARINC 818-2 have several displays with many channels of ARINC 818-2, switching has turned out to be more imperative. ARINC 818-2 switch can support up to 12 channels. Multiple switching modes such as broadcast, unicast, multicast, and mixed are also supported.


  • IP Compliant to ARINC 818-2 specification
  • Video TX and RX interface: Simple Streaming Interface
  • Link rate:
    • C 1x, 2x, 3x & 4x
  • Transmission Medium:
    • Optical or
    • 75-ohm, 100-ohm or 150-ohm Copper
  • Supported Pixel Format:
    • Monochrome
    • RGB
    • YCbCr
    • RGBA
  • Supported Video Format:
    • Progressive Scan
    • Interlaced
  • Intelligent, Synchronous switching of video frames and supported Switching Modes:
    • Broadcast: One video information is directed to all or numerous video output
    • Unicast: A video information is sent from one point to another point
    • Multicast: A video data is diverted to at least two video outputs
    • Mixed: Client can reroute any video input to any video output
  • Real-time link Control & Monitor via AXI-4 lite interface


  • Quick customization as per customer’s Interface Control Document (ICD) and deliver the same within 3-4 weeks’ timeline.
  • Our IP core is not limiting the maximum resolution support and it completely depends on FPGA transceiver speed


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