ARINC 818-3 IP Core

ARINC 818-3 IP Core

The ARINC 818-3 IP core offers higher data rates and encoding for high-resolution real-time avionics video. ARINC818-3 standard provides 64B/66B schemes to support high-speed ARINC applications having data rates up to 28Gbps. Display emulation for testing, low latency guidelines, and fixing typographic errors to previous versions was new in this specification.




    • IP Compliant to ARINC818-3 specification
    • Video TX and RX interface: Simple Streaming Interface
    • Transmission Medium
      • Optical
    • Link Rate Supported
      • 16x, 24x & 32x
    • Video Resolution Supported
      • Resolution up to 4K @ 60fps
    • Video Type
      • Progressive Scan
      • Interlaced
    • Pixel Format supported
      • Monochrome
      • RGB
      • YCbCr
      • RGBA
    • Configurable Pixel Aspect ratio supported
    • Configurable Frame Rate supported
    • Packing Table Number supported
      • 8-bit Components, four components per transmission word
    • Pixel Array Order supported
      • Left to Right, Top to Bottom
    • Line Synchronous Mode supported


  • Provides 64B/66B encoding for extreme high-speed ARINC 818 applications: 14.025 Gb/s, 21.0375 Gb/s, and 28.05 Gb/s.
  • ARINC 818-3 adopts fiber channel for 64B/66B encoding and 256B/257B encoding
  • We offer ARINC 818-3 protocol embedded conversion cards

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