Edge AI Gateway

Edge AI Gateway

Corazon-AI is a rugged, scalable Edge AI Platform that brings intelligence to the edge of the network. Featuring heterogeneous ARM + FPGA architecture, together with Xilinx Vitis AI stack, these modules leverage the development flow of AI applications reducing complexity to design and deploy.
Powered with an AI inference engine and deep learning processing unit, Corazon-AI can connect up to 8 IP cameras simultaneously offering high performance per watt. The AI application developers can create breakthrough solutions with Corazon-AI in the fields of video analytics, image processing, robotics, and across the growing spectra of AI applications.

Flexible AI Hardware Solutions


Corazon-AI is an EdgeAI platform built on a highly adaptive Zynq Ultrascale+ MPSoC device. It features Arm + FPGA architecture and integrates Xilinx Vitis AI Stack built on a Pico ITX form factor (100mm x 72mm). This platform is coupled with multiple high-speed connectivity options such as Dual GbE, Wi-Fi, BT 5.0, 4G network support via an M.2 expansion slot, Dual CAN, and USB 3.0. With the provision to connect 8 IP cameras, Corazon-AI becomes an ideal fit for EdgeAI Gateways bringing intelligence to the edge.

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Corazon-AI Gen2


Corazon-AI Gen2 is the next-generation intelligent device with exceptional computing power to process AI data and algorithms on the edge. It gives high-performance and power efficiency in an embedded AI computing module. It can runs multiple neural networks in parallel to deploy wide range of industrial and machine applications.

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Video analytics on Corazon-AI

With thousands of cameras and other video sources available around the city, applying traditional techniques to a highly variable situation in a live city environment could be difficult. But what if a platform could think, identify, and track relevant occurrences in a video. This is where video analytics comes into play. Turning a video into actionable insights.
In order to reduce the complexity to design and deploy AI solutions on the field, the Corazon-AI platform is enabled with deploy-ready solutions for video analytics.

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Deploy Ready Solutions

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