iWave Systems Line Up Innovative Solutions To Fight COVID-19

Humanity is facing a new biologic threat in the form of the deadly COVID-19 virus. The highly contagious nature of the virus is placing health care workers, in particular, at an increased risk of contracting the virus. In a bid to protect health care workers and intensify safety and screening measures, iWave Systems introduces expert solutions to help the medical industry combat the virus’s spread. We have lined up an HMI Solution for remote diagnosis, an AI-powered SBC for computer vision applications, a facial recognition system for contactless access, fitness tracker, and skin analyzer solutions to detect early signs of COVID 19 symptoms.

Here is an outline of iWave’s Innovative Solutions to combat COVID-19:

HMI (Human Machine Interface):

In the medical industry, early detection and diagnosis of COVID -19 symptoms are essential to ensure the right treatment for patients. Equally important is continuous monitoring of the patient’s biometric statistics to ensure the effectiveness of treatment and prevent a relapse. Remote monitoring using HMI Systems can help medical professionals to continuously monitor and diagnose their patients’ health conditions, without actual physical contact with the infected or potentially ill person.

iWave offers HMI solutions that are customizable, performance scalable, and application-ready solutions for medical automation needs. The rugged and high performance HMIs are based on multi-core ARM processors and supports high-speed interfaces and multiple connectivity options. iWave also offers FPGA SoC based HMIs for proprietary protocols and latency-critical applications. We help customers with a complete solution by providing Linux and Android BSP support and open source graphical framework libraries for GUI development. The high-resolution HMI platforms can be used individually or be easily interfaced with a medical system to facilitate the remote monitor and diagnosis of COVID -19 patients.

To know more about iWave HMI, Click here

Facial recognition system:

Have you recently been skeptical of using a contact-based access system in your office or a public place? This trait is a major concern in most places for a valid reason. An access surface in a public place is used by many individuals, which makes it a potential source for contracting the deadly COVID-19 virus.

Taking this into account, iWave Systems has successfully demonstrated an alternative solution using facial recognition technology. The solution helps customers with a zero-contact access application by using individuals’ faces to authorize access to a restricted site.

The facial recognition demo runs on iWave’s i.MX 8M Mini board, based on the NXP® i.MX 8M Mini applications processor. Through the support of key features such as camera, display, connectivity, and the NXP eIQ machine learning software, the i.MX 8M Mini board provides an intelligent platform for the development of facial recognition systems.

Find more details about the demo in this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Du2fSHhzxNw

Surveillance Camera, Drones, Robotics:

In the war against COVID-19, surveillance cameras, drones, and robots are playing a key role in reducing the risks of cross infections. From patrolling the streets, detecting the potentially ill to delivering essentials, these high tech devices are helping authorities to flatten the COVID-19 curve. Essentially, these devices must be capable of making intuitive decisions on-board with little or no dependency on other systems. These abilities are enabled with the help of ML and AI algorithms.

iWave Systems introduces the Corazon AI platform, specifically designed for high accuracy AI acceleration in Edge devices. The Corazon AI is built on Xilinx Zynq® UltraScale+™ MPSoC and supports key features such as multi-camera support, high-speed connectivity, and the Xilinx Vitis AI Stack which makes the Corazon-AI a perfect fit for computer-vision based AI applications. The Xilinx AI Stack includes pre-optimized deep learning models that reduce complexity and accelerate the development of AI applications. The solution also incorporates a configurable deep-learning processor unit dedicated to Convolution Neural Networks that further enhances the platform’s inference capability. The platform can be interfaced with a thermal camera to measure body temperature readings and can be used in surveillance applications to enforce social distancing and quarantine orders.

iWave can help customers accelerate their projects by providing custom FPGA design implementation, porting well-trained network weights, hardware, and software pipeline optimization for performance-driven AI functions on the edge.

Refer to the article for an in-depth understanding of iWave Corazon AI SBC: https://www.iwavesystems.com/enabling-ai-on-the-edge-with-iwave-corazon-ai

Fitness Tracker:

Throughout the world, millions of people are using digital health trackers to monitor their health, recovery, and sleep patterns. These health trackers can also be used to check if you may be potentially ill with the COVID-19 virus before fever or other symptoms start to set in. For example, body temperature, heart rate, and respiratory rates can be continuously assessed in real-time to detect early signs of any abnormalities.

iWave Systems have expertise in aiding the development of solutions for digital health tracking. Our hardware platforms and expertise in software, custom sensor integration, and high-speed connectivity have been used by clients to capture and analyze real-time biometric data. These data provides actionable insights that can be used to detect early signs of the COVID-19 infection. Check out the link for more details: https://www.iwavesystems.com/fitness-tracker

Skin Analyzer:

Doctors, nurses, and health workers who are at the frontline of fighting the COVID-19 are under constant threat of contracting the deadly virus.  They often have to come in close proximity with infected patients, which puts them at a high degree of risk.

iWave Systems have aided the development of a Skin Analyzing Solution that health officials can use to assess temperature and skin variabilities without actual physical contact with the patient. The data obtained can be analyzed in real-time to detect fever and changes in skin conditions, which are apparent symptoms of the virus infection.

Why iWave?

iWave Systems Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a leader globally in the development of standard & customized System on Modules, Single Board Computers and ODM solutions for the embedded industry. We specialize in comprehensive Engineering Design Services involving Embedded Hardware, Software & FPGA Development for applications in Industrial, Medical, Automotive, and IoT domains.

Through specialized expertise with numerous success stories and designs over the past 20+ years, iWave focuses on empowering innovations through cutting-edge products and solutions. Building on our software and hardware expertise, we help clients to focus on their applications, helping them to achieve efficiency in their design cycles, cost, and quick time to market.


Detailed information on the above-mentioned products are available in the following links:


Facial recognition system: https://www.iwavesystems.com/imx8m-mini-with-nxp-eiq-ml-software-facial-recognition-system

Corazon-AI SBC: https://www.iwavesystems.com/product/single-board-computer/zynq-sbc/zynq-us-sbc.html

Fitness Tracker: https://www.iwavesystems.com/fitness-tracker

Skin Analyzer: https://www.iwavesystems.com/skin_detection_using_qseven


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