FPGA Design Services


With 20+ years of advent experience in FPGA domain, iWave Systems tables a strong & unparalleled FPGA Design-to-Deployment Competence.

As a turnkey product design firm, we offer FPGA Designs tailored to meet clients specification which includes RTL Design, Integration of iWave’s or 3rd Party IP Cores on our FPGA SOMs with Carrier Card / Custom Hardware / Off-the-Shelf Evaluation Kits to provide end-to-end solutions targeting Low-Power, High-Performance and Optimized Designs.



iWave Systems help companies to minimize risks, costs and design cycles with diversely skilled FPGA design team brings broad FPGA development expertise to projects in areas including, High-Speed Data Acquisition (ADC/DAC), DSPs, Video Processing, High-Speed Bus Interfaces & Transceiver based designs, AI/ML Application, ASIC Proof Of Concept (POC), Pre & Post Silicon Validation and Multi-Million Gates Complex designs.
Besides, offering FPGA Design Services, iWave prides in owning extensive suite of proven, optimized and easy-to-use FPGA IP Cores: ARINC818 Complete Suite, Storage, Video Processing IPs, Legacy x86 Processor & its Peripherals.

Custom FPGA Designs

Requirement Analysis & Strategizing best market solution
Architecture blue-print using State-of-Art Design Methodologies
Implementation & Optimization for Area, Power, Timing & Resources
Simulation, Integration and Testing
RTL Coding: VHDL, Verilog & System Verilog

Hardware – Software Co Design

Embedded Software Development for SoCs with Soft & Hard IP Cores
Complete Software Development Life Cycle (BSP, Driver, APIs, Application)
Algorithm Development in FPGAs using High-Level Synthesis – HLS Tools
Validation of whole package with in-house platforms viz. SOMs & EVKs

ASIC Prototyping

Complete Life Cycle of a Chipset
Test Specification Capture, Platform Identification, RTL Porting
Code Coverage, Lint & CDC Checks
Pre-Silicon & Post Silicon Validation, Characterization


Low Latency, High Performance, Better Accuracy
Running multiple CNNs simultaneously
Various CNNs scalable from Edge to Cloud
Frameworks: Caffe, TensorFlow, MX Net, Darknet

High-Speed Bus & Transceiver Solutions

Maximum Performance, Low-Latency, Peak Bandwidth up to 25Gbps/ lane
Backplane, Board to Board, Mezzanine Card over Copper or Optical Medium
Protocol: ARINC818, sRIO, Aurora, PCIe, SATA, JESD204, USB, sFPDP, 10/25/40/100Gb
Memory: DDR 4/5, QDR, RLDRAM

Image & Video Processing

In-depth experience in working with Image & Video Processing like Chroma Resampler, De-Interlacer, Color Space Conversion, Alpha Blender, Mixer, Scalar, Color Correction & Enhancement, etc.,
Analog Video: STANAGRGB, CVBS, VGA, Composite
Digital Video: HDMI, SDI, Display Port, DVI, ARINC818

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