Enabling 4K UHD Encode & Decode through 12G SDI In/Out in MPSoC SoM

We are on the cusp of a 4K revolution. Be it for broadcasting, live streaming, or video surveillance, 4K / Ultra-HD resolution has become the dominant industry standard. Its high image quality, excellent video resolution, and the ability to retain sharp details, take the video experience to a whole new dimension. As the size of a 4K video footage is considerably large, it is important to have a reliable and high-speed codec mechanism for storing and transmitting the 4K data stream.

iWave’s Zynq® UltraScale+™ MPSOC ZU4EV platform is the perfect solution for high-efficiency 4K encode /decode of video data. With an innovative ARM® + Xilinx FPGA architecture, the platform offers intelligent adaptive processing for high-performance 4K encode/decode applications. The SOM combines up to 4 x Arm® Cortex®A53, a Dual Cortex® R5 real-time processor, Arm® Mali 400 MP2 GPU with programmable logic cells ranging from 192k to 504k.

The integrated H.264/H.265 video codec on the ZU4EV Platform offers simultaneous encode and decode of up to 60 fps, making it ideal for 4K image, video, and signal processing applications. The ZU4EV platform offers unprecedented flexibility for customizing end applications along with scalability to newer devices with the utmost ease and efficiency.

We have successfully implemented 4Kp60 video encode /decode through 12G SDI In/Out using our ZU4EV Platform.

Test Environment Demo:



In the demo, 4K video is decoded and send via 12G SDI Out to 12G SDI In of Zynq® UltraScale+™MPSOC ZU4EV Platform for encoding and decode of 4K @ 60 Hz. The decoded signal is sent via 12G SDI Out to an SDI to HDMI converter and displayed on the 4K HDMI monitor.

4K@60 Encoding:

The Frame write IP is used to grab the 4K@60Hz(3840×2160) video data from 12G SDI RX source and write to the PS DDR RAM of the ZU4EV MPSoC
VCU block of the ZU4EV will read the Input video data from PS DDR RAM, encode to H.264/H.265 format, and store the encoded data in eMMC/SATA memory or stream-out via MPSoC PS Gigabit Ethernet port.
Encoded video can be either decoded and displayed on 12G SDI-TX or transferred to another system for playback.

4K@60 Decoding:

H.264/H.265 Encoded video file of 4K@60Hz (3840×2160) to be decoded will be stored in the eMMC/SATA Memory/USB3.0 Memory.
VCU block of the ZU4EV will read the encoded file/stream-in data from MPSoC PS Gigabit ethernet, decode it and write the decoded data back to MPSoC PS DDR RAM.
The frame reader IP reads the decoded data from the MPSoC PS DDR RAM and passes the same to 12G SDI TX output.

System Architecture:


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