iWave's Profound Expertise in ASIC Prototyping & Complete Digital Logic

iWave has also had the expertise in the field of ASIC prototyping where we are responsible for developing the complete digital logic as per the requirement of the ASIC as well as supports on necessary software development (logic which drives the digital logic and development of GUI if necessary etc) and hardware development (custom boards to interface the FPGA, microcontrollers/processor boards and other components to observe the results, test jigs, etc) to provide the complete platform. This prototyping platform can be used to demonstrate the functionality of the ASIC to the end customers and also to provide a platform for early software development if applicable. This approach will help the customer to realize the ASIC with significantly less time and also reduces the risks involved in developing the complex designs.

Solutions offered by iWave: iWave is responsible for understanding the complete requirement from the customer and help them to develop the complete functionality of the digital logic and is also assists in selecting the right platform among the multiple FPGA development platforms available in the market. The implemented digital logic and software required to drive the different functionality will be then tested in the selected FPGA platform with help of GUI or other custom boards. We took the task of ASIC RTL porting to the FPGA platform and support customers for Pre-Silicon validation and tape out. In a couple of cases, we also supported for Post-Silicon validation and device characterization.

The Hardware components used in the System usually consist of:

  • Xilinx/ Altera/ Microsemi or our own development kit based on the requirement
  • Microcontroller or Microprocessors to drive the FPGA or digital logic
  • Custom boards and Host PC where GUI is involved


  • Development of the GUI to drive the different modes of digital logic
  • Software codes to interface between the GUI and FPGA board
  • Implementation of the digital logic of the ASIC
  • Custom boards or test jig development to validate the results
  • ASIC RTL porting and Pre-Silicon validation and support for Tape out
  • Support for Post-Silicon validation


  • Provides the right platform for demonstrating the features of the ASIC much ahead of the arrival of the actual Silicon
  • Helps for the early software development activities
  • Reduces the risks especially where the designs involve the complex algorithms and help to realize the outcomes of the same
  • Porting of the ASIC RTL helps for the Pre Silicon validation
  • The knowledge gained on functionality of the ASIC can be extended for supporting the post-silicon validation

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