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iWave Telematics Solutions go Beyond Fleet Management

Vehicle telematics is propelling lawn mowers into the future, enhancing their capabilities for optimal performance. Integrating telematics into lawn mowers offers fast portable ways for fleet managers to keep track of all vehicles, drivers, and assets.

Challenges Facing the Lawn Mower Fleet Management

While the landscaping industry is booming, it encounters many challenges. The top three challenges include reducing

  • Fuel cost
  • Labor cost
  • Vehicle acquisition and replacement

Any misalignment in managing these factors can significantly impact the bottom line of the business.

Telematics solutions for lawn mowers

iWave, an embedded design and solutions company offers a complete turn-key solution for lawn mowers. The rugged telematics device proves instrumental in overcoming the challenges inherent in lawn mower and landscaping fleet management offering a wide range of interfaces:

  • Compliant with IP67 Standard
  • Multiple communication channels – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LTE Cat 4 / Cat M1, GPS/GLONASS/BeiDou/Galileo
  • Multiple Inputs/Outputs – 3 x CAN, 10/100 Ethernet, RS232/RS485/K-Line, USB OTG, Analog Input, Digital Input, Digital Output
  • Antenna Support – External Antenna
  • Compliance to protocols – FMS / J1939 / ISO 15765-4 / UDS
  • Integrated Hardware Secure Element
  • Add-on security features

Equipping each mower with the cutting-edge Rugged Telematics Device, fleet management takes a giant leap forward in efficiency and precision. The device is compliant with the IP67 standard for rugged outdoor conditions. The IP67 rating of the enclosure ensures that the equipment is protected from water spillage commonly encountered in lawn environments, safeguarding its functionality and longevity.

The Rugged Telematics Device, with its multiple communication channels (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LTE Cat 4 / Cat M1), ensures that positional telematics and additional messaging are accurately reported. Integrating GPS/GLONASS/BeiDou/Galileo further solidifies the device’s capability to provide real-time tracking information.

The CAN interface enables real-time monitoring of engine control for peak performance and diagnostics, ensuring safety adherence through seat occupancy tracking via the seat switch, and provides precise oversight of steering, traction engines, reverse and forward pedals, and external engagement signals. By harnessing this comprehensive data, operators can elevate productivity and safety standards, setting new benchmarks in lawn care excellence.

Automatic and physical indication of the cutting blades’ status is achieved through sensor detection inputs linked to the machine’s control system. This feature ensures a prompt response to changes in the operational status of the mower, facilitating proactive maintenance when necessary.

Communication between the mower and the end-user viewing platform is seamlessly executed through the device’s internal modem, which is complemented by a supplied SIM card. This reliable communication infrastructure ensures that critical fleet data, including status and performance metrics, are efficiently transmitted to the central management system. This also ensures constant access to data even in remote areas ensuring that every decision is based on the most up-to-date data available.

By leveraging data collected through telematics, various scenarios of customer usage can be evaluated. For instance, analysis may include tracking the frequency and duration of mowing sessions, identifying patterns in terrain types and sizes of mowed areas, and assessing maintenance intervals based on usage intensity. Insights gathered from such analyses enable fleet managers to tailor service schedules, anticipate maintenance needs, and offer personalized recommendations to customers, ultimately enhancing satisfaction and loyalty.

Benefits of Using Telematics in Lawn mower and Landscaping Fleet Management

  • Vehicle Tracking and Location Monitoring
    Real-time tracking allows fleet managers to know the exact location of each vehicle in their fleet. This helps optimize routing and scheduling, reducing fuel costs and improving overall efficiency.
  • Productivity and Control
    Telematics helps enable transparency in the fleet. It empowers machines to receive guidance, control operations, conduct remote diagnostics and repairs, and automate job site coordination for enhanced productivity and control.

  • Theft Recovery
    One of the biggest concerns, that fleet organizations have to deal with is the asset’s safety. Real-time alerts signal movement beyond set geofences, enabling early warnings for law enforcement. Early detection, coupled with GPS tracking, helps prevent asset loss or damage.

  • Route Optimization
    Telematics allows fleet managers to analyze historical data and current traffic conditions to suggest the most efficient routes for each vehicle. This helps reduce travel time and fuel consumption, leading to cost savings.
Adv of Telematics in Lawn Care
  • Reduce Labor Costs and Billing
    Telematics solutions enhance billing accuracy by tracking driver-customer interaction duration. It utilizes automated time logs to cut overtime and Labor costs and efficiently reroute crews in real time to save on fuel and ensure timely service.

Empowering OEMs with Tailored Telematics Solutions

iWave specializes in delivering ODM solutions, empowering OEMs in their fast-changing digital automotive environments. As a result, the customer does not have to settle for a boxed solution it offers. Leveraging our design expertise, established hardware, and industry relationships, iWave offers the essential components for building a robust telematics system for lawn fleet management. Collaboration with iWave opens up various options:

  • Fulfilling client’s hardware requirements exclusively
  • Partnering with the application provider of the client’s preference to deliver a comprehensive solution
  • Providing a fully integrated system through our preferred solution partners

Throughout this process, the customer retains control over proprietary data and crucial intellectual property that sets your products apart. The result is a resilient, reliable, and cost-effective solution tailored to your specific needs.

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