iWave Introduces ARINC 664 P7 IP Core For Mission-Critical Applications

With the increase in complexity of flight-critical systems, the need for systems with minimal deployment rate and implementation costs have driven industries to explore off-the-shelf technology that can provide high bandwidth, reliable real-time communication between the systems. This leads to the initiation of ARINC 664 P7 technology, enabling greater potential use of off-the-shelf hardware, thereby reducing cost and development time.

The ARINC 664 P7 is an Ethernet technology that was derived from standards IEEE802.3 Ethernet MAC, IP, and UDP to achieve deterministic behavior for avionics applications. With deterministic communication playing a significant role in offering reliable data exchange with data transmission time guarantees in the internal communication of the aircraft, this technology proved its prominence deployed in various commercial aircraft from Airbus, Boeing, Comac, and Sukhoi superjet, Bombardier, etc.

iWave Systems, the leading FPGA design house and a global leader in ARINC video protocol offers ARINC 664 P7 IP to provide reliable, high-speed communication in-flight critical applications.

The key features include:

  • Designing ARINC 664 P7 end systems allowing avionics subsystems to communicate with other avionics computer systems
  • Offer quality of service ensuring that particular categories of traffic always flow across the network to which they are entitled, regardless of competing demand
  • Support high integrity
  • UDP/IP profiled communication layer implemented in hardware
  • Support virtual link management to build virtual connections for both sides of the communication
  • Support redundancy management, tolerant to transmission and link failures in the network for reliable delivery of data
  • Dedicated bandwidth for regulating traffic control
  • Full implementation flexibility through industry-standard AXI interfaces for data and control

iWave Systems assures the user with the delivery of the IP core, warranted against defects from purchase, and dedicated technical support provided through Email, Skype, or Phone call on a need basis. The core is available in synthesizable FPGA Netlist forms that include everything required for a successful implementation, including software drivers & libraries to support ARINC 664 P7 protocol, simulation scripts, and synthesis scripts.

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