Telematics Solutions for Off-Road Vehicles and Heavy-Duty Equipment's

Fleet owners of off-road vehicles and heavy-duty equipment are always on the lookout for ways to increase productivity and decrease operational costs of their fleet. Predictive maintenance to reduce breakdown and the efficient utilisation of fleet can help improve the customer experience.

Why is Telematics required for off-road vehicles?

Heavy equipment users are impacted by under-utilisation of assets, idling of machines, fuel theft, poor maintenance and low productivity. So, manufacturers and asset owners have a need to remotely monitor their assets on the field while gaining valuable insights to determine the occurrence of any failure and take preventive actions to reduce the time of such assets. This can help manufacturers schedule preventive maintenance visits, acquire spare parts and other inventory, and allocate the right technician for efficient service, effectively increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty, while reducing costs.

Vehicle Telematics is the technology that helps to “be connected” with your vehicle. Telematics enables users to get precise details about engine performance and component failures. Insights on such faults help minimize downtime, and score driving habits to ensure individual and road safety.

Telematics opens up a multitude of interesting possibilities for off-road vehicles management:

  • Reduced operational and maintenance costs

Monitoring vehicle parameters such as fuel efficiency, mileage, and engine performance, can help predict fault occurrence and implement corrective measures on time.

  • Be in touch with your fleet anytime, anywhere

Telematics helps enable transparency on fleet. Real-time insights help remotely monitor distance, speed, time, route, idling and enable optimal utilization of the fleet.

  • Ensure your fleet are in right hands always

Analyze driving habits to keep track of the driving behaviour and handling of fleet. This can help fleet owners in training activities and more efficient usage of their fleet.

  • Keep theft and unforeseen incident in check

One of the biggest concerns that fleet organizations have to deal with is the assets safety. Telematics helps implementing an advanced anti-theft feature through Geofencing and Immobilization.

Possible Use Cases

  • Forklifts and Mining vehicles

Forklifts and mining vehicles are leased out by manufacturers for various use cases, it is important for owners to monitor their location and parameters to effectively control usage. Telematics device integrated with GNSS, wide range of interfaces and protocol stack can act as a fleet tracker to determine live location updates and road conditions. With this data, owners can take preventive maintenance thereby reducing unnecessary fuel wastage, delays and cost.

  • Cleaning Machines

Cleaning machines must adapt to their surroundings and season becoming sweepers or snow blowers as required. These machines run all day in any condition and operate on steep or uneven terrain. Route mapping of the snow cleaners / waste disposal trucks on a dynamic data driven basis can help in better utilisation of fleet .

  • Industrial Machines

Industrial Machines operate for long hours in extreme working conditions, which makes them vulnerable to sudden failures and frequent breakdowns. The manufacturer needs an effective solution to remotely monitor their assets while on field at the end-user premise. Telematics provide valuable real-time insights from the machine, which can be analysed to predict fault occurrence.

  • Agricultural Asset

As enormous land is used in agriculture, it becomes difficult for owners to keep a track of all vehicles, assets and workers at once. Risk for theft, change in weather conditions and other factors can affect owners. With Telematics Device, farmers can take control of their productions by tracking vehicles and productivity.

iWave Telematics Solution for off-road vehicles

With Telematics playing a crucial role in connected mobility, there are a few key aspects to be considered when choosing a gateway for the connected mobility transformation.

  • Telematics Hardware

iWave’s Telematics Solutions offers an innovative way to transform traditional fleet management practices. The device provides quality real-time insights that help owners make smart decisions and drive profitable outcomes for their business.

Rugged Telematics Device is positioned to power telematics in off road vehicles and heavy duty equipment. The solution is feature rich with 3 CAN Ports, RS232 /RS485 Port, with multitude of wireless connectivity options such as 4G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The device also has an integrated secure element to build a hardware root of trust and secure your connected device.

  • Rugged Enclosure with External Antennas

iWave Rugged Telematics Device is designed and built to operate in tough conditions and demanding environments where off-road vehicles are located and work effectively in the same conditions. Gateway features a rugged exterior enclosure that allows for installation outside, withstand shaking and shocking. Device is designed according to the international standard IP67 strengthened to withstand intrusion of solids, dust, accidental contact, cold and water.

  • Vehicle Interfaces and Protocols

Another key aspect to consider is the software stacks available on the TCU such as FMS Standard, J1939 and CANopen. A scalable software on the gateway is a must to ensure interoperability and reduced development time for customized applications. With secure and scalable software on the gateway, integrators can be assured of one multi-purpose gateway catering to various vehicles and mobility infrastructure.

The protocol support allows the Telematics Solutions to retrieve diagnostics information and real-time data from the vehicle’s interconnected ECU system offering the following key advantages:

  • Easy access to diagnostics data for quick detection and troubleshooting of failures
  • Remotely access efficiency and critical statuses of machines
  • Ensure vehicle uptime with preventive /predictive maintenance
  • Immediately notify negligent use, damage, and attempt of theft

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