Introducing Automotive Protocol Stacks to Speed-Up Product Development

CAN is a robust network technology that finds use in many applications. With the boom in Industry 4.0 and connected mobility applications, there is an increase in the requirement for monitoring and diagnostic tools based on CANopen, J1939, and UDS. CAN protocols will see increased use as there are many new vehicle manufacturers entering the market, especially in the EV segment. Also, grid-based photovoltaic systems use CANopen for their operation.

iWave systems recognize the needs of today’s fast-paced technology environment and has developed protocol stacks to help new players focus on their product development. iWave offers protocol stacks for CANopen, J1939, UDS, and other industrial and automotive applications.

The iWave J1939 protocol stack is compliant with the SAE J1939 standard. It implements the data link layer (J1939-21), vehicle application layer (J1939-71), diagnostics application layer (J1939-73) and network management (J1939-81). Other layers of the standard such as J1939-31 can be provided optionally as an add-on. This protocol stack can be used in heavy-duty environments and is also applicable for light-duty, medium-duty and heavy-duty vehicles used on-road and off-road. The J1939 protocol also forms the base for a number of other protocols like ISO 11992 and ISO 11783.

The UDS protocol stack is compliant with the ISO 14229 standard and implements both the application layer (ISO 14229-1) and the session layer (ISO 14229-2). The iWave UDS stack enables diagnostics such as UDSonCAN and UDSonIP for both client and server implementations. The stack provides easy APIs for handling the diagnostics services and is a robust and effective way to communicate with the vehicle ECUs and carry out diagnostics.

The CANopen stack implements all the services as per the CiA 301 standard and the features as per the CiA 302 standard. To support the various application profiles, iWave provides add-on modules and provides services for customizing and porting the stack. The iWave CANopen stack can be used for a multitude of applications such as truck gateways (CiA 413), special-purpose car add-on devices (CiA 447), grid-based photovoltaic systems (CiA 437), battery and charger (CiA 418/419), and municipal vehicles (CiA 422). iWave has designed the stacks to be easy to integrate and customize as per the application. The protocol stacks will ensure high-quality products with a faster time-to-market.

To further increase the convenience of product development, iWave systems has developed an extensive portfolio of telematics and industrial gateways.

These are production-ready, field-tested devices which are globally certified. The biggest advantage of these devices is that the developer has complete control over the application. These Linux-based devices are designed for a range of computing requirements and include multiple wired and wireless interfaces to cater to varying applications and use cases.

With over 22 years of embedded design expertise in the automotive vertical, iWave enables customers in their product development life cycle, ranging across ideation, qualification, certification, and production.

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