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CANopen Protocol Stack

CANopen Protocol Stack

CANopen is a higher-level protocol for CAN-based networks. iWave’s CANopen Master stack and CANopen Slave stack are compliant with the CiA 301 standard and have support for the features as per the CiA 302 standard. The iWave CANopen protocol stacks support the SDO, PDO, NMT, SYNC, Time, Heartbeat, and Emergency protocols. iWave provides application-specific profiles as optional add-on modules.



  • CANopen services compliant with the CiA 301 standard
  • Network management (NMT Master) support as per CiA 302
  • SDO and PDO protocol
  • SYNC, Heartbeat and Emergency protocol
  • Error Control protocol
  • Support for all the CiA profiles
  • Can be supported on any platform
  • Supports porting for lower-level CAN drivers


  • Platform and OS agnostic
  • Easy to use APIs written in ANSI C
  • Can be easily ported and customized

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