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FMS (Fleet Management System)

FMS (Fleet Management System)

The FMS interface is an optional interface of various truck manufacturers. Since a direct connection to the vehicles’ internal bus system might affect vehicle reliability (as well as warranty), the FMS interface is designed to be the sole interface for a safe data connection to the internal network. iWave SAE J1939 protocol stack provides an efficient way to read FMS standard parameters.



  • Supports standard baud rates over CAN 2.0B
  • Extended 29-bit identifier
  • Provides safe connection to the internal vehicle network
  • Supports Remote download data from the tachograph
  • Supports standard FMS messages for vehicle communication
  • Maximum reliability
  • Excellent error detection & fault confinement
  • Targeted for fleet management systems & other applications
  • Parameters supported by FMS:
    • Accelerator pedal position (0–100%)
    • Axle weight (kg)
    • Brake switch (on/off)
    • Clutch switch (on/off)
    • Cruise control (on/off)
  • Engine coolant temperature
  • Engine speed
  • FMS-Standard software version (supported modes)
  • Fuel level (0–100%)
  • High-resolution vehicle distance
  • Power take-off (PTO) (Status/Mode)
  • Service distance
  • Tachograph information
  • Total engine hours (h)
  • Total fuel used (litres since lifetime)
  • Vehicle identification number (ASCII)
  • Vehicle improvement (all round)
  • Vehicle speed (wheel based)
  • Vehicle speed (from tachograph)


  • Supports on various ARM processors
  • Robust API’s which are easy to integrate 
  • Porting support for a newer version of the software
  • End to End solution offerings

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