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iWave's SD 3.0 Host Controller validation on Linux, U-Boot, and BareMetal environments

As a significant milestone towards embedded systems development, iWave is excited to announce that SD 3.0 Host Controller IP Core has been successfully validated with the Baremetal, Linux, and U-Boot environments. This represents a crucial step forward in enhancing the compatibility and versatility of SD card interfaces within embedded systems.

SD/SDIO Host Controller IP Core allows an embedded system to access an SD card or SDIO device via I/O pins of the FPGA and enables easy integration with the rest of the system. It acts as a mediator between a processor and an SD card enabling the command and data communication between the SD driver and SD card. The SD Host Controller IP from iWave, has undergone comprehensive validation across multiple FPGA devices, making it an ideal choice for a diverse range of applications in the Industrial, Medical, and Automotive sectors.

iWave’s SD Host Controller IP is available in two variants.

1. File system using the Arm/RISC-V core of the SoC devices

  • The SD Linux driver running on the Arm/RISC-V core, interfaces with the SD host controller, using the AXI4 lite interface for register access and the AXI4 memory-mapped interface for data transfer
  •  The SD host controller implemented in the FPGA communicates with the SD cards as per the SD specification
  • Supports device partition, mount, and multiple file systems like fat32 and ext4
  • Validated with SD Linux driver as well as SD U-Boot driver
SoC FPGA Device Block Diagram image

2. Simplified Bare-metal driver for SoC or non-SoC FPGA devices

  • A Bare-metal SD driver running on the Arm/RISC-V core of the SoC device or softcore instantiated in a non-SoC FPGA device, configures the registers using the AXI4-lite interface, while the AXI4-MM interface is used for data transfer
  • Bare-metal SD driver supports the SD card initialization and basic write/read operations required for proving the IP functionality
  • The file system is not supported in this variant, and the user can develop their logic using the APIs provided

More information on the SD 3.0 IP Core can be found here.

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