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New Release: SD 3.0 and eMMC Host Controller Integrates GPT Support with MBR Partition

iWave Systems is pleased to inform you that GPT support has been added along with MBR partition in SD 3.0 and eMMC Host Controller IP Core for Uboot and Linux.

Product: SD 3.0 Host Controller, eMMC Host Controller
Feature Updated: GPT support is added along with the MBR partition and tested in iWave’s SD 3.0 Host controller and eMMC host controller at the U-Boot and Linux levels.

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GPT (GUID Partition Table) is a newer standard that addresses the limitations of MBR (Master Boot Record) by supporting up to 128 partitions by default and does not have the limitations on partition size that MBR has, allowing for larger than 2TB partitions. GPT also uses 64-bit addressing to handle disks larger than 2TB.

iWave’s SD 3.0 Host Controller and eMMC Host Controller IPs, initially validated with MBR partitioning, have undergone comprehensive testing with GPT partitioning. This improvement provides enhanced flexibility, enabling users to employ any partition table that aligns with their specific needs.

In U-Boot and Linux environments, the SD 3.0 host controller now supports both MBR and GPT partitions, while the eMMC host controller extends support for both partition types specifically within Linux. This ensures seamless compatibility and flexibility for users, accommodating diverse partitioning schemes in their systems.

SD/SDIO Host Controller IP Core allows an embedded system to access an SD card or SDIO device via I/O pins of the FPGA and enables easy integration with the rest of the system. It acts as a mediator between a processor and an SD card enabling the command and data communication between the SD driver and SD card.

The eMMC Host Controller IP Core enables the next level of high-speed data transfer and provides an easy migration & simplified system design for the next-gen products with its low pin count, high bandwidth, and multiple boot mechanism.

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