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New Release: NVMe Host Controller IP Upgraded to Support PCIe Gen 4

iWave Systems is pleased to inform you that NVMe Host Controller IP Core now supports PCIe Gen 4.

Product: NVMe Host Controller IP Core
Feature Updated: NVMe Host Controller upgraded to support PCIe Gen 4

Details: –

NVMe IP Core with PCIe Gen4 Hard IP is ideal to access NVMe SSDs without CPU and external memory. NVMe Gen 4 IP includes PCIe Gen4 Hard IP and 256 Kbyte URAM/Bram memory. This solution is recommended for the application which requires PCIe Gen4 speed.

NVM Express or NVMe is a streamlined protocol designed to talk to solid-state drives and flash memory offering a super low latency and super high-performance framework. The interface allows the host software to communicate with non-volatile memory subsystems via a interface and is perfect for FPGA applications that require high-speed access to flash storage without an external CPU.

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