SDIO to UART Controller

SDIO to UART Controller

iW-SDIO to UART bridge is a IP core which converts SDIO slave to UART bus interface.


Xilinx Evaluation Kit

Intel Evaluation Kit

Mircochip Evaluation Kit


    • Compliant with SD Physical Specification Version 2.00 and SDIO Specification Version 2.00.
    • Supports SPI, 1-bit and 4bit SD modes.
    • Supports SDIO Interrupt feature
    • Supports all mandatory SDIO Commands/Response types
      • SPI Mode : CMD0, CMD5, CMD52, CMD53, CMD59
      • SD Mode : CMD0, CMD3, CMD5, CMD7, CMD52, CMD53.
    • CRC7 checking/generation for Command/Response
    • CRC16 checking/generation for Data transfer.
    • Supports High Speed Mode (up to 50Mhz) of operation.
    • Data Transfer in Multi Byte and Multi Block mode using CMD53.
    • SDIO only implementation, Combo card features are not supported
    • Optional Code Storage Area(CSA) is not supported
    • Suspend/Resume Features not supported
  • Supports UART16550 function

    • Programmable baud generator divides any input clock by 1 to (216 – 1) and generates the 16x clock.
    • MODEM control functions (CTS, RTS, DSR, DTR, RI, and DCD)
    • 5, 6, 7, or 8-bit characters
    • Even, odd, or no-parity bit generation and detection
    • 1, 1/2, or 2-stop bit generation
    • Baud generation (DC to 1.5M baud)
    • Line break generation and detection
    • Independently controlled transmit, receive, line status, and data set interrupts


  • SDIO interface supported by the bridging IP enables a low-cost and small size implementation

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