Agriculture – ISO 11992

Agriculture – ISO 11992

ISO 11992 is a CAN-based protocol used for communication between towing and towed vehicles. This is mainly between tractors and trailers and is used for braking systems, lights, and system control. The iWave ISO 11992 protocol stack complies with the standard and provides a comprehensive set of features enabling easy application development.



  • The ISO11992 Application Layer is based on J1939, with slight differences in the structure of the IDs and message content
  • Uses the CAN bus for communication (ISO 11992 -1)
  • Uses the 29 bit CAN identifier
  • Communication between the truck and trailer
  • Provides information about the towed vehicle electronic break system
  • Supports all the application layer standard messages
  • Collection of diagnostic data from the vehicle


  • Supports on various ARM processors
  • Robust APIs which are easy to integrate
  • Porting support for a newer version of the software
  • MISRA C compliant

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