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Video Scaler

Video Scaler

Video Scaler converts the video signals from one resolution to another resolution. This core can be used to convert low resolution to high or high resolution to low.


    • Scaling factor: downscale/upscale by min 1 to max 4 independently in vertical and horizontal direction
    • Programmable non-integer scaling factor
    • Algorithm: 5-tap interpolating filter
    • Quantization Level: Inter Pixel = 6, Filter Coefficients = 12
    • Coefficients are software programmable
    • Image size programmable from QCIF to Full HD
    • Video Format: 4:4:4 RGB/YCbCr
    • 8-bit per pixel per color
    • 3 color plane in parallel processing


  • Core uses 5-tap interpolation algorithm to implement the image resize.


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