Software Add-On Modules

Software Add-On Modules

iWave understands the need for quick turnaround times in today’s competitive market. In order to enable accelerated application development, iWave has designed a set of software add-on modules for the Telematics Control Unit. These modules enable key features while allowing the developer to retain complete control over their application.



DATA Collection

  • Parameter selection: Collect only selected parameters and optimize the performance
  • Data collection frequency: Get complete control over the frequency of the data collected from the CAN bus, GPS and sensors in the Telematics Control Unit.
  • Message Format: Message format modified as per the cloud platform requirements
  • Store and Forward: Storing of the data before sending it to the cloud to prevent data loss in case of issues such as network disruption.
  • Alerts and Notifications: Event-based alerts and notifications sent to the cloud. For example, if the Telematics Control Unit is disconnected from the vehicle, CAN data is not available, etc.

Power Management

  • Sleep / Wake-up: The Telematics Control Unit can be put to sleep and woken up as per the requirements of the application.
  • Peripheral Control: Application can be optimized to power down peripherals which are not in use as per the business logic provided by the customer
  • Wake-up source selection: The Telematics Control Unit can be woken up by many sources such as an internal timer, CAN data, ignition on detection, and accelerometer threshold.
  • Power Optimization: Optimization of the sleep current, implementation of a deep sleep mode, behaviour of the Telematics Control Unit during the sleep state, etc. can be customized.

Protocol Stacks

iWave offers a range of Protocol stacks which are industry-proven and reliable software solutions. iWave Protocol stacks are targeted towards diagnostic services, heavy-duty vehicles such as agriculture, marine, mining, and off-road vehicles. Protocol stacks complies with the standard and provides a comprehensive set of features enabling easy application development. The iWave Protocol stacks are designed to be easy to integrate and customize based on the application requirements.


Security Suite enables you with the necessary security functions such as encryption, storage, and data transmission which can be integrated with no added complexity. Following are some of the submodules:

  • Secure Boot: Authenticated boot prevents unauthorized SW execution and encrypted boot protects the software confidentiality. Digital signature checks are embedded in on-chip boot ROM and run every time the processor is reset.
  • Secure OTA update (using Mender): Secure data transmission of the firmware updates enhanced by code signing
  • Secure Storage: Create secure partitions on the on-board memory with access control
  • OS Hardening: Unnecessary drivers, file sharing, libraries, software, services, and functionality are removed. Local storage is encrypted and all activity, errors, and warnings are logged. Privileged user controls are implemented.
  • OP-TEE: OP-TEE is a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) that provides isolation from the non-secure OS. Protection of the loaded Trusted Applications (TAs) from each other using underlying hardware support is enabled.


  • Harsh Braking and Acceleration: Detecting the incidents of harsh braking and acceleration using the on-board sensors
  • Crash Detection: Using the Accelerometer and Gyroscope to detect a crash and accordingly perform actions like sending alerts and notifications


  • Automatic APN Selection: Automatically identify the network and set the APN settings automatically of the different telecom operators in different regions
  • Network Manager: Monitor the network connectivity, check for issues and initiate actions to restore connectivity
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot: Configure the Telematics Control Unit to share the Internet connectivity from the cellular network over Wi-Fi

Cloud SDK Integration

  • Integrate the cloud specific SDK for IBM Watson, Microsoft Azure and AWS
  • This ensures Long Term Support as the SDKs are provided by the Cloud service provider
  • Easy integration with the features provided by the Cloud platform

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