Linux Fast boot on i.MX6 Qseven SOM

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Linux fast boot reduces the optimization time without changing the functionality and operation of the system. Because of the reduced time, the system can find its applications in medical fields and infotainment systems.

Linux boot time optimization techniques:

  • Reduce the size of OS binaries
  • Remove the features that are not required for the target system
  • Boot loader speed up
  • Use faster medium for loading (DMA) boot loaders and kernel
  • Use faster decompression logic to decompress Linux kern

Key Features:
The system consists of i.MX6 iW-Rainbow-G15D board with camera interface and micro SD as boot device and Linux booting in less than 1 secondwith i.MX6 Quad core processor.The fast booting is essential for applications like in automotive infotainment systems as well as in medical equipment.

  • System Specification
    • i.MX6QSeven SOM integrated iW-Rainbow-G15D board
    • Embedded Linux kernel 3.0.35

The following peripherals are supported on iWave’s iMX6Q Rainbow board which areenabled to achieve fast boot:

  • Camera : Omni vision
  • UART – Debug
  • 7” LCD
  • Micro SD for booting
  • Encoder and decoder drivers support

Solution offered by iWave:

i.MX6 Qseven SOM module is used in Linux fast boot application. This SOM module offers an instinctive man machine interface and high speed processing at acceptable power consumption.

Let us consider an example of infotainment system using the above mentioned peripherals. Where a rear camera is used in the vehicle. It captures the data and displays it on 7” display system in just 1.5 seconds along with the booting. We can also achieve overall system booting less than a second for different peripherals.

i.MX6 Qseven SOM module is connected with four downstream PCI switches, 4 USB host ports, four downstream port of the HUB connected to OTG, Ethernet switch, RS232 interface and I2C interface. All these devices are validated.Boot time optimization is achieved using the SOM module and limited devices.

iWave’s in-house software BSP support for i.MX6 helps clients to validate the end application quickly and achieve short product development life cycle and quick time to market.

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