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iWave Launches Telematics Connect Hub: The Cost Optimized & Secure Telematics Solution

iWave introduces Achronix Speedster7t designed for AIML & data acceleration applications

iWave Unveils System on Modules Powered by Versal AI Edge and Versal Premium SoC FPGAs

iWave Introduces iW-RainboW-G58M System on Module Powered by Intel Agilex 5 FPGA

iWave Launches i.MX 95 SMARC System on Module

iWave Introduces Industry’s Smallest Versal AI Edge Powered System on Module

Telematics and Connected Automotive Solutions from iWave

SD 3.0 IP Validated on Linux, U Boot, and BareMetal Platforms

iW-RainboW-G42M SoM Powered by AMD Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoC for Multichannel RF Applications

iW-RainboW-G43M System on Module Powered by Intel Agilex 7 SoC for Advanced Computing

Redefine Security & Productivity at the Edge with i.MX 93 & i.MX 91 System on Modules

Unveiling iW-RainboW-G44 – Industrial IoT Gateway: A Comprehensive Product Overview by iWave

iW-RainboW-G55M: System on Module Powered by TI AM62Ax for Automotive and Industrial Applications

Introduction of Rugged Telematics Device: Powering telematics in off road vehicles & heavy equipment

Increased Security and Performance at an Optimized price with the STM32MP13X System on Module

Introducing i.MX 91 System on Module : Enabling Secure and Powerful Linux Edge Processing Solutions

i.MX 93 OSM Solderable System on Module & Single Board Computer Enabling Edge Intelligence

Expedite your embedded system design with advanced SoC FPGA-based System on Modules

iWave Portfolio of OSM Solderable System on Modules & Single Board Computers

i.MX 8 System on Module for Streaming Media Applications

Predictive Maintenance in EV Fleet with Telematics Control Unit

Rugged HMI Solution with IP67 Protection Class – 7”, 10.1”, 12.1

OSM Solderable System on Modules– i.MX 8M Plus & i.MX 8X Lite

ARINC 818 Expertise: IP Cores, COTS Modules, and Solutions

Product Design with the OSM Standard SOM (Solderable System on Module)

Telematics Solutions in Commercial and Off-road vehicles

Introducing the i.MX 8M Plus OSM– Solderable LGA System on Module

Product Design with the OSM Standard SOM (Solderable System on Module)

Accelerate your time to market with industry standard System on Modules

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