SI, Thermal and Mechanical Design

iWave offers Signal integrity, thermal and mechanical design services and enables you a complete solution. Extensive experience in high speed board design gives insight to resolve signal integrity , power integrity issues in complex PCB design. iWave provides thermal solution considering the system requirements ; design & deliver custom specific heatsinks.
Our mechanical design team provides appropriate product specific solution on the enclosure need. Starting from simple sheet metal based, hand held plastic enclosures, IP rated enclosures, 19” rack enclosure.

SI Analysis

Capability with Pre and Post design Signal Integrity analysis. Layout extraction for analysing SI issues. Expertise on Power Integrity analysis, Pre and Post RF simulation, EMI/EMC preparedness designs.

Thermal Analysis

Thermal simulation and Solution capability. Analysing thermal hotspot on the design and providing best recovery solutions.

Mechanical Design

Enclosure development including rugged / IP rated requirement with best thermal solution. Specialized with EMI/EMC Shielded product designs. Heatsink design and validation.

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