New Release: Oracle Linux9 for i.MX 8M Plus Single board computer

iWave Systems is pleased to inform about the availability of Oracle Linux9 BSP on iW-RainboW-G40, The Single Board Computer powered by the i.MX 8M Plus processor.

Product: i.MX 8M Plus SBC
Release: Oracle Linux9
Release Date: 16/11/2022

Details: –

  • Linux kernel: -Linux 5.15.0-5.70.1 (Oracle Linux UEK7 Kernel)
  • U-Boot: -U-Boot v2022.04
  • Oracle Linux9: -Based on Oracle Linux 9.0 64-bit ARM (aarch64) release

As a highly performant and secure operating environment, Oracle Linux delivers virtualization, management, automation, and cloud native computing tools, along with the operating system, in a single, easy-to-manage support offering. Oracle Linux provides a 100% application binary compatible alternative to Red Hat Enterprise Linux and CentOS Linux and is supported across both hybrid and multicloud environments. Oracle Linux for Arm includes a solid developer toolset, including the gcc compiler, to build code for 64-bit Arm platforms and to compile modules against the provided kernel.

Oracle Linux 9 with UEK R7 provides kernel, performance, and security enhancements including:

  1. UEK R7, based on the mainline long term support (LTS) 5.15 release
  2. OpenSSL 3.0 in Oracle Linux 9 includes a number of new concepts and structural enhancements for application developers and users. OpenSSL 3.0’s new FIPS module prevents non-FIPS algorithm use while the FIPS flag can be set in the kernel without the need to switch OpenSSL to FIPS mode.
  3. File system enhancements with UEK R7 include Btrfs, with new asynchronous SSD trimming, parallel filesystem sync capabilities, and fewer checksum tree lookups. XFS supports Direct Access (DAX) operations, permitting direct access to byte-addressable persistent memory, helping avoid the latency of using traditional block I/O conventions. NFS introduces the “eager write” mount option to help reduce latency.

The Software Collection Library for Oracle Linux enables developers to install recent versions of Python, PHP, NodeJS, nginx, and more, without risk of disrupting applications running on different versions of these components. Oracle Linux has the concept of Application Streams, where multiple versions of user-space components can be delivered and updated more frequently than the core operating system packages. Application Streams contain all of the necessary system components and a range of applications that were previously distributed in Software Collections, as well as other products and programs.

In addition, Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux (EPEL) packages available under the EPEL channel are built and signed by Oracle for security and compliance.

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