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New Release: Linux 6.1.22 BSP for i.MX 93 OSM System on Module and Single Board Computer

iWave Systems is pleased to inform you about the availability of Linux 6.1.22 BSP for i.MX 93 OSM System on Module and Single Board Computer.

Product: i.MX 93 OSM SoM, i.MX 93 SBC
Product Part Number: iW-RainboW-G50M
Release: Linux 6.1.22 BSP
Release Date: 16/10/2023

Details: –

  • Linux kernel: Supports kernel version 6.1.22 with consolidated Linux Factory Kernel.
  • U-Boot: Supports U-Boot Version v2023.04 with consolidated Linux Factory U-Boot.
  • Yocto Project: Supports Yocto Project version 4.2 Mickledore.

The iW-RainboW-G50M: i.MX 93 System on Module is built to power intelligent devices across industrial, IoT, and automotive applications. Featuring a dual Arm Cortex-A55 core with integrated Ethos-U65 microNPU, dedicated camera I/O options, and wireless connectivity, the SoM forms a powerful building block for various machine-learning applications.

The i.MX 93 System on Module is integrated on a carrier board, which is positioned as a Single Board Computer and also used as an evaluation kit. The production-ready Single Board Computer is built on a Pico-ITX form factor and integrates the necessary interfaces for applications such as smart home hubs, metering gateways and industrial automation solutions.

For more information, please contact mktg@iwavesystems.com.


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