Linux 5.4 kernel availability for i.MX8QM SMARC and SBC


New Yocto BSP is available for iWave’s i.MX 8QM SMARC SOM and SBC. This BSP has iWave’s latest 5.4.24 Kernel and 3.0 Zeus Yocto project version, which brings additional advantages, including better-accelerated machine learning and performance optimizations on iWave’s i.MX8 products.

Released with the kernel lockdown mode, which strengthen the boundary between UID 0 and the kernel. It functions for pairing with UEFI Secure Boot and for other security-sensitive environments. Also supports exFAT with many other new drivers and improvements.

What’s new in this Linux 5.4 kernel release on iWave i.MX8 Quad Max SOM & SBC:

iWave systems rich i.MX8 System on Module and SBC product portfolio is supported with Yocto Linux, Android, Ubuntu and QNX BSP. Now iWave Systems is enabling the Linux 5.4 kernel availability to its i.MX8 Quad Max SMARC system on Modules and SBC products.

Includes below essential packages:

UBoot – v2020.04

Linux Kernel -5.4.24

Yocto Project version Zeus 3.0

SCFW 1.5.0

QT 5.14.99 (B3)

Gstreamer – 1.16.1


OpenSSL -1.1.1g


Graphics updates:

GPU driver 6.4.0.p2.4 with Vulkan enablement, bug fixes, and performance optimizations.

OpenVX 1.2 with NN extension.

Vulkan 1.1.

GPU SDK 5.5.0

Weston 8.0.0

Machine Learning updates:

OpenCV 4.2.0

Tensorflow-lite 2.1.0 with GPU acceleration.

Arm NN 19.08 with GPU acceleration with a fork on CAF

Onnx-runtime 1.1.2 with a fork on CAF

PyArmNN released on GitHub

nn-imx is separated from graphics distribution and released on CAF

iWave i.MX8 SOM & SBC Product Details;

i.MX8 Quad Max and Quad Plus SMARC SOM

i.MX8 Quad Max and Quad Plus SMARC SBC

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