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iWave and Microchip FPGAs

WEBINAR: Join iWave for a technical deep dive into our storage and ARINC IP Core offerings, designed for seamless integration into Microchip FPGAs.

Our suite of IP Cores includes ARINC 818 and storage IP Cores like NVMe Host Controller and NAND Flash controllers. These FPGA IP Cores are proven, optimized, and easy-to-use, with accompanying reference designs to accelerate product development.

The synergy between iWave’s advanced IP Cores and ODM proficiency enhances Microchip FPGAs for storage, space, and avionics applications. This integration represents a significant advancement in functionality, efficiency, and reliability for various cutting-edge technological solutions. iWave offers a well-established ecosystem for design, manufacturing, production, and certification, providing custom ODM Design and manufacturing services. This enables customers to navigate from ideation to production and product lifecycle management seamlessly.

Key Takeaways from the webinar:

  • Understand the iWave’s FPGA technical expertise and offerings on ODM
  • Know more on iWave’s ARINC 818 and ARINC 664 IPs
  • iWave’s storage core offerings and use cases.

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