Intel® FPGA Technology Days 2023

Join iWave at Intel® FPGA Technology Day 2023!

We are thrilled to announce our presence at Intel® FPGA Technology Day (IFTD) 2023. IFTD 2023 is an exclusive in-person event hosted by the Intel Programmable Solutions Group. It’s your opportunity to explore how Intel FPGA solutions are addressing critical industry challenges, including AI, security, and time to market.

IFTD offers hardware engineers, software developers, and system architects a comprehensive view of Intel® FPGAs technology and solutions. Join us to understand how Intel’s FPGA and Structured ASIC solutions can overcome your most complex design challenges, providing the flexibility needed to adapt to rapidly evolving markets.

Don’t miss the iWave Systems showcase at IFTD 2023! We’ll be unveiling our Intel-based System on Modules, providing a close-up look at cutting-edge embedded solutions. Our team of experts will be available to answer your questions and demonstrate how our products can elevate your projects.

A sneak peek into our showcase at the show:

iW-RainboW-G58M: Agilex 5 SoC FPGA System on Module
iW-RainboW-G43M: Agilex 7 SoC FPGA System on Module
iW-RainboW-G45M: Stratix 10 SoC FPGA System on Module
iW-RainboW-G45D: Stratix 10 SoC FPGA Development Board
Intel FPGA based System on Modules

Seoul, South Korea
23rd November 2023

Taipei, Taiwan
 28th November 2023

Bangalore, India
   30th November 2023

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