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iWave Systems Technologies, an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, established in the year 1999, focuses on standard and customised System on Module/SBC product development in Industrial, Medical, Automotive & Embedded Computing application domains. iWave Systems also provides comprehensive Engineering design services involving Embedded Hardware, FPGA and Software development.

iWave’s Hardware expertise spans complex board design up to 30 layers; Analog , Digital & RF Designs; FPGA Development up to 3+ million gates and VHDL / Verilog RTL Development & Verification. Our Software expertise ranges from OS Porting, Firmware & Device Drivers Development and Wireless & Protocol Stacks to Embedded Application Development.

The company designs and develops cutting edge products and solutions. iWave has been an innovator in developing highly integrated, high performance, low power and low cost System-On-Modules(SOM) and Development Platforms. iWave has been able to develop advanced products for its customers using its SOMs in the shortest possible time at the most optimized design cost.

iWave Systems has won the confidence of its esteemed customers spread across the globe by being a reliable design partner in developing innovative products. iWave’s typical customers are semiconductor chip designers, RTOS & Protocol vendors and OEMs. Our services portfolio comprises Turnkey Design, Test and Prototype (NPI) & ODM and Onsite resourcing support. Our solution offerings cover Customization, Licensing and ODM. iWave specializes across Industrial, Automotive and Medical Domains. iWave Systems is headquartered in Bangalore, India with offices in Japan and France.


Our watchwords are Enhanced Quality and Customer Delight. Our Success is based on our focus on Quality. We often exceed our Customer’s expectations with our quality solutions, achieved through research, technology and dedication.

Our Values

  • Target at Global Excellence in Engineering Designs
  • Focus on Total Customer Satisfaction
  • Build a Self Motivated team with Shared Values
  • Encourage Open and Fair Environment
  • Recognize and Reward Performance


“iWave Systems will become the market leader in Embedded system development focusing on specific application areas in Industrial, Automotive and Medical domains”


“To help our customers in achieving their time-to-market objective by being their dependable technology partners and delivering our commitments on time and every time with quality.”


As a company we ensure high level of security to our customers, protecting their Intellectual Property with strict NDA implementation, legal contract with project team members and document security by providing access control with restricted usage.

Quality Aspects: An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company

ISO 9001:2015 logoiWave continues to have QMS (Quality Management System) in place since its inception to meet the customer expectation, with the focus on continual improvement. iWave is ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company, certified by TUV-NORD.

iWave’s Quality Policy, which is given below, is in line with iWave’s Mission Statement.



“As a dependable technology partner to our customers, we are committed to

  • continually improve the QMS,
  • practise proactive risk management,
  • meet the customers’ requirements consistently and
  • deliver high quality solutions, services and support

for achieving customer satisfaction.”

With the availability of best technological talent, along with the QMS that is in place, iWave ensures the customers the Best Quality Service. iWave’s QMS covers in detail all the activities of Engineering & other Support Groups as well, in terms of Process maps, Checklists, Templates, Guidelines etc. During the Certification Process, TUV Auditors lauded the QMS awareness among all the team members & implementation across all functional groups and the commitment from Management for continual improvement.

iWave does an elaborate Internal Audit of all its functions at regular intervals by its 6 trained Internal Auditors; among them 2 members have completed the Lead Auditor Course. Internal Audit ensures to address the gaps; maintaining & improving the QMS. iWave takes feedback from its customer on the services offered / deliveries done. It values these feedback as an opportunity for continual improvement by analysing them and implementing the applicable corrective measures.

With ISO 9001:2015 Certified, iWave reassures all customers on its Quality commitment and for continual improvement.

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