Product Solutions

Telematics and Connected Mobility

An extensive portfolio of telematics control unit, telematics gateway and V2X hardware, iWave enables customers to unlock the value of connected vehicle data with reliable and powerful hardware. The telematics hardware can be used across applications such as connected cars, trucks, marine equipment, tractors, and heavy-duty machinery.

HMI solutions

HMI Solutions such as an IP67 rugged HMI solution and the Industrial Panel PC are built to enable interaction between humans and machines. Available in 7” and 10.1” variants, and integrated advanced graphics hardware, the HMI solutions provide an unrivalled user experience. The HMI solutions are integrated with, LVDS display, flexible wired and wireless connectivity options.

ARINC 818 IP Cores and Solutions

A suite of powerful ARINC IP Cores: ARINC 818-2, ARINC 818-3, ARINC 664 and ARINC 818-2 Switch, complemented by ARINC Solutions such as recorders, monitors, protocol converters and video analyzers.

Edge AI and IoT Gateways

Edge AI gateways and industrial IoT gateway to power intelligence on the edge. Corazon-AI, An Edge AI Gateway is built on a modular and powerful architecture to power applications such as intelligent traffic management, people counting, retail analytics. Industrial IoT Gateways and LoRaWAN Gateways powering smart city and IoT solutions.

Security Suite

Security suite is built for connected devices, enabling them with security functions such as encryption, storage, data transmission, and certificate management. The security Suite includes secure boot, Wi-Fi secure API, event logging, OS hardening, access control, software firewall, and secure firmware update to name a few.

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