OBD II Scanner - iWave's Plug and Play OBD-II Smart Vehicle Solution

Vehicletelematics has revolutionized the automotive industry offering a completely new perspective by providing OBD II Scanner in not only how we commute but also in ways we interact with our vehicles. Underpinning this revolution is the development of devices featuring innovative technologies that take user experiences to new levels,with the help of advanced digital technologies like IoT and cloud computing.

iWave Systems, a global provider of embedded solutions for automotive market, is poised to tap this growing trend into their leading automotive solutions, presenting the plug and play OBD II dongle that offers high accuracy location tracking, turn by turn navigation combined with real-time vehicle diagnostics , enhanced security features and much more …all in a single compact device.

OBD II Devices makes it Convenient


OBD II Scanner


Now, it is very convenient for a vehicle user to understand the reason for a lit Malfunction Indicator light and how remote tracking and driving pattern analysis can ensure better safety and protection of your vehicle.In short, iWave’s OBD device can convert your ordinary vehicle into a smart vehicle!!!

The module features power efficient ARM processor integrated with latest communication standards such as 2G/3G/4G LTE, GPS receiver, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

It plugs easily into your vehicle’s OBD port and effectively relays real-time data and a series of diagnostic trouble codes with the device’s back-end server/application. It doubles as a Wi‑Fi hotspot ensuring high-speed internet connectivity while on the go.

The OBD II device opens up a multitude of interesting possibilities and potentials:

OBD II Scanner – Perform thorough vehicle checkup

The device measures various technical parameters and monitors component performance, wear and tear. An easy to understand insight on engine, transmission and emission data, are presented on the device’s user interface –The CarTracker Android application.

The user can analyse this data and implement preventive maintenance to improve vehicle’s health and longevity. This can also help user correct minor faults, without the assistance of a mechanic and hence saving time and money.

User can access details about key vehicle parameters like fuel efficiency, mileage,emission levels and calibrate the vehicle’s performance and efficiency. Any pending/upcoming service and maintenance activities are also notified.

Reliable vehicle tracking anytime anywhere through OBD II Scanner

The device offers 100% access to your vehicle with high-accuracy GPS location tracking. Advanced features such as anti-jamming and 3D dead reckoning ensure reliable tracking of your vehicle all the time, even in tunnels and underground passages.

Ensure complete driver/ vehicle safety using OBD II Scanner

Improving safety and driving practices can dramatically reduce the number of accidents and injuries on our roads. The OBD II device ensures safety on road by analysing driving patterns. Hence live alerts and warnings are generated in case of any violation of safe driving practices such as over speeding, hurried braking, engine revving etc.

The device supportsgeo fencing and immobilisation that ensure all round safety foryour vehicle from theft and damages.

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