Ease of developing GUI on iWave HMI

We all have probably heard of the famous saying “Ideation is the key to innovation”.

Now imagine what happens when you go one step further and simplify those ideas? An innovation that is nothing short of “magical” is born.

And that’s what exactly HMI does in industrial automation. It simply transforms complex and mundane procedures into smart and easily manageable routines. Indeed, a transition that not only spearheaded automation but also paved the way for new standards of performance and productivity – the likes of which had never been seen before.

Having said that, it is important to highlight that the success of an HMI application largely depends on the GUI running on it. In addition to enhancing the overall visual appeal of the HMI, the GUI also offer a smart and easy-to-operate platform for the users to interact with the system.

iWave Sytems, a leading embedded solutions provider company, also offers a wide range of HMI solutions with the ODM business approach. Our HMI products come with a multitude of configuration options in terms of processors, memory, display sizes/resolution, GUI features, etc. Find more details about iWave HMI solutions, in the following link https://www.iwavesystems.com/custom-performance-hmi.

iWave offers the following in our deliverables for users to easily develop their GUI :

  • Pre-integrated GUI libraries with iWave SDK for HMI
  • Customization of GUI with user-provided images/icons as per end application requirements
  • Cross compiler in iWave build tools for generating application binaries for HMI

GUI development on iWave HMI

It is very easy for the user to build a rich and interactive GUI on iWave’s HMI platform. All you need are GUI page content and proficiency in the GUI developer tool. The GUI developer tool instantly helps to create the GUI pages along with the interface routines and customized GUI images for various end applications requirements.

The source code is generated by the GUI developer tool. This source code is cross-compiled to generate programmable binaries. The generated application binary is then copied to the target HMI using a simple USB / Ethernet. Now, the GUI is ready for use in the HMI.

iWave, with our vast expertise in HMI platforms, facilitates the development of high-performance GUI with ease. The iWave SDK has all the necessary GUI elements to develop an automation user interface. We also extend service in customizing SDK for developing the GUI and contribute to bringing the application to life quickly and affordably.

For more details please write to mktg@iwavesystems.com or support.hmi@iwavesystems.com

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