Custom and Performance Scalable HMI Solutions

iWave: “Custom and Performance Scalable HMI Solutions”

Over the past few years, HMI has revolutionised the industrial and commercial world – playing a leading role in transforming “Automation” from hype to reality. From vending machines, kiosks to home automation, smart factories and automotive, HMI has become ubiquitous and an integral part of everything “SMART”. Advancements in technology have contributed to further sophistication of existing HMI technology, resulting in a much more functional and interactive interface.

  HMI Solution

iWave is one of the leading embedded solutions providers in Asia. We come with the background of vast experience in SOM ODM business with added advantage of design service for industrial, automotive, health care and embedded computing applications. We now offer HMI solutions using ODM business approach to our clients.

Our HMI products come with a multitude of configuration options in terms of scalable crossover processor to application processor to application processor + FPGA performance, memory, display Sizes/resolution, OS software, GUI features, driver development/porting, standard/nonstandard communication protocol, custom API/test application and mechanical aspects.

We provide customized BSP’s (Board Support Packages) for Linux, Android and Windows Embedded Compact, which are developed in-house. This enables iWave to support its customers with the BSP’s for various OS platforms in unison with the hardware.

With above feature support, our HMIs are ‘Application Ready’. Besides being one stop shop for all hardware, software and customized (IP rated) enclosure design, iWave boasts of unwavering quality and long-term support for each of our customers.

Moreover, we offer FPGA SoC based HMI which can integrate PLC logic within the HMI itself. FPGA SoC with internal GPU can be used for high end advanced graphics rendering.

We provide support to customers according to their requirements for applications such as, but not limited to, Automotive (Instrument Cluster / Vehicle Infotainment and Navigation), Industrial HMI (Food & Brewery Industry, Operator Panels etc.), Kiosk for Dynamic Customer Information Service (Ticketing / Prepaid Recharge…) and Home Automation.

“iWave offers open architecture feature to quickly customize according to client requirements and get the HMI solution manufactured and optimised into their applications on time. The valued partnerships with professional ecosystem, semiconductor manufacturers, EMS partners and display manufacturers provides added design capacity and quick turnaround for the HMI ODM model”, says Abdullah Khan, Director – Engineering, iWave Systems.

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About iWave:

iWave is an ISO 9001:2015 certified, well-coordinated company located in Bangalore with offices in Japan & Europe, having 17+ years of experience in providing state-of-the-art embedded solutions for various industry. iWave has been an innovator in developing highly integrated, high performance, low power, standard & proprietary System-On-Modules (SOM), SBC boards, development platforms and HMI solutions.

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